Windows 10 Technical Preview

windows 10 preview

Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a brand new windows 10 preview. Microsoft has revealed its new Windows 10 after several weeks of deliberation and months of screenshots. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a brand new preview build of Windows 10 to insiders.

This announcement was made at Microsoft’s Windows 10 briefing on 22nd January 2015. The built has been designed and will be available in 25 languages. Microsoft has also announced that there will be a build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones. This will be available for insiders from the month of February this year. The Windows 10 Technical preview will be available for insiders to download next week.

This new version precedes the Windows 7 and 8 and it was strongly suspected that it will be named Windows X or Windows one. Apart from the name, Windows 10 includes features like:

1.    Unified Store For Apps – consumers can now source for content for all devices by running the software from one central point. Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone will be located in one store and video, music, apps and other solutions will be sourced from the same portal.

2.    Enterprise – There is a great emphasize with Windows 10 to cater for enterprises and business people. Features like corporate data security and modern management solutions create an awesome platform for businesses.

3.    Start Menu – this combines the elements of the old and the new. The start menu tiles can also be resized.

4.    Continuum Mode –the Windows 10 can detect the hardware on your PC and adjust the user interface to fit your requirements.

5.    Enhanced Search – users can now key in their search directly at the start menu. They can search locally or on the internet.

6.    Other Features include desktop optimization, multitasking capabilities, enhanced snap view and multiple desktops.

Window 10 features

The Technical Windows 10 preview was released for testing in October 2014 and it will be officially rolled out next week. There is no word on the pricing yet.


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