WhatsApp Bug Could Affect Millions of Users

Whatsapp bug

A Whatsapp bug has been found in the most popular chatting service. WhatsApp, which can affect millions of users, worldwide. This bug allows the hackers to distribute malware, which ends up demanding fees from the victims for regaining the access back to their files.

WhatsApp Bug

This vulnerability is affecting those services, which are web-based. The vulnerability is due to the way the contacts are being handled by the messaging service.

The hacker circulates a virtual business card, which looks legitimate. This card distributes the malicious code on the smart phone, once opened. And, it can end up infecting the system. The hackers can easily get hold of the mobile numbers through the various breaches. And, the chances of opening the virtual card is quite high, as the mobile messaging app is cross-platform.

WhatsApp has already issued a patch for this problem, after being alerted about the same. So, the users are urged to update their software, so that they can take advantage of this patch and fix.



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