What’s the True Email Marketing Cost

email marketing cost

Over the last twenty years, we’ve learned to rely on email marketing cost. Free, fast messaging has changed the world, bringing families together and revolutionizing the way we communicate. It’s impossible to imagine a world without email, and there are few businesses that could profit without it.

Email Marketing Cost

Many email marketing cost users consider it a free form of communication, but there’s always a cost to the service provider or business providing that email account. The actual, final cost of offering email could be a lot bigger than you think.

email marketing cost

Counting It Up

Counting the cost of email sounds like a simple task until you realise just how many variables there are. There’s the hardware, the infrastructure and the storage devices. There’s the client and server software. Then, there’s the cost of continually securing every nut and bolt, keeping antivirus software up to date and policing network traffic minute by minute. All of this needs to be overseen by qualified staff, some of whom may work out of hours.

Cost saving is very difficult because everything is necessary. Email cannot function safely or reliably if one vital part is missing, or if corners are cut to save money. Take the email server, for example – cut down, or compromise, and your users will struggle to get the job done; their mailboxes will be too small, and the server will be too slow. Instead, your employees will come up with their own workarounds, and this may mean transmitting private corporate data using third party email services. Indeed, if your email server goes down, that might be the only option left.

How to Make Savings

Email need not be a drain on resources. By bringing the business’ email system up to date, cost savings are potentially massive. Considering the amount of money spent on email solutions, this is a huge amount of money that can be reallocated in the IT department.

Smart businesses are outsourcing email. By harnessing the power of the cloud, users can access their email form anywhere, regardless of the business’ in-house capability. The service provider is responsible for keeping that email system running, freeing up technical support staff and slashing the cost of administration. The service provider manages security too, resulting in a considerable cost avoidance and a boost to uptime and reliability.

The Email Revolution

The cloud is changing the way we work and play. Some of these changes are seismic. Some are subtle. Email is still email, regardless of who hosts the mailbox, but there are some much bigger changes behind the scenes.

Businesses benefit from scalable email solutions; services that deliver affordable, secure email management from companies such as Mimecast. These new email services are specifically designed to resist malicious attacks. cost of email marketing services in the cloud take full advantage of service elasticity, taking the strain off your internal IT department. These systems can expand and contract to cope with traffic spikes, and mailbox size is more fluid thanks to the capacity offered by the cloud. The end result is an email service that costs less – and does more.


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