Waterproof Walkman W273 from Sony

waterproof walkman

Now remain active anywhere and anytime with the new waterproof Walkman W273 introduced by Sony. You can run, swim or gym and enjoy your favorite Soundtrack on your next workout.

Sony Waterproof Walkman

This is just what we all needed for our active lifestyles. The sound quality remains great even under water while you are swimming. You might be sweating it out on the court or working out in the gym, W273 will simply delight you with the superb audio quality and easy handling.

There are no dangling wires to slow you down with the waterproof and wearable new Walkman. All that the stylish, ergonomic design consists of is securely-fitting earphones. You just need to pick from different sizes for maximum comfort and confidence.

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Walkman NWZ- W273 can resist water up to a depth of 2 m. You can even give it a rinse in running water so as to keep it clean and fresh. All you need to do is go for a fast 3 minute charge that is enough to offer 1 hour of listening time. A fully charged battery will easily last up to 8 hours. W273 goes on sale in Europe from February 2013.


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