Water Damaged Phone Survival Guide


    So you’ve dropped your phone in a toilet, bath or sink. Your first instinct might be to shout wildly and break more of your things! Although water and (most) electronics don’t mix, a little water damaged phone isn’t always completely lethal. If it’s not too late, this post will tell you the best course of action after dropping your phone in water.

    How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

    Before we get onto what you should do, there are a few things which you certainly shouldn’t. Do not attempt to turn your phone on, as much as you might want to check if it still works. If it’s still on, turn it off immediately and remove the battery with a dry towel. As much as you may want to take the rest of the phone apart, don’t. A lot of smartphones are built with a liquid damage indicator. If this is activated, there’s a fair chance your warranty could be voided. It’s also a pretty common reaction to blow with all your might into the phone. Sometimes, this may only push moisture into other parts of the phone, and make the damage even worse.

    Water Damaged PhoneSo, what do you do? If the phone hasn’t turned off already, do so as soon as possible. Then, remove the casing, and take out the sim, SD card, and battery. Then, use a dry cloth or paper towel to dab the phone dry. Note that I say “dab”. A lot of people get into a panic, and begin frantically wiping their device dry. Sometimes this can force more water into the cracks you really don’t want it to get into. It may be worth using a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to suck the water out of the cracks. If you’re going to attempt this, double-check that the SD card, sim and battery are removed. Once all this is done, pop the phone into a re-sealable bag full of uncooked rice. Rice is incredibly effective at absorbing liquid, which is why this method is so popular. Make sure your device is submerged in the rice, then leave it for a few days. To prepare for the future, you may want to get some Save-A-Phone bags.

    Damaged PhoneAfter at least 48 hours, take your phone out and try turning it on. If this doesn’t work, charge it. If it won’t charge, then the battery might be damaged and will need replacing. Failing all of this, you’ll have to try a repair company such as Forever Wireless. You’ll probably feel very relieved when your screen lights up, but don’t think that you’re out of the woods straight away! Water damage phone may not be immediately noticeable. As you use it, keep an eye out for anything that the phone didn’t do before. Check the speaker by playing some music, and use a few different apps to check the response of the touchscreen.

    227975837_80d0900780_oI hope this post has helped you save your phone. In most cases, recovering a water damaged phone is a matter of luck. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll help your chances a lot.  🙂


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