Volkswagen Boasts it Will Stand out in Electric and Autonomous Car Technology

Autonomous Car Technology

Volkswagen full-electric vehicles with autonomous driving features are close to becoming a reality. According to automaker’s sales and marketing manager, Jürgen Stackmann, the company will stand out in autonomous car technology and give a hard time to its competitors including Apple and Google.

Autonomous Car Technology

The first Volkswagen electric car was launched in 2013 called the VW E-Golf and offered only 83 miles range. Fast forward, the next family car launched by the end of this decade will boast a 300 miles range and could charge fully in only fifteen minutes. But that’s not all! Stackmann also revealed that the full electric car will extend internet capability and autonomous car technology.

What gives Volkswagen an edge over its competitors in autonomous car technology is its 79 years old presence in the automotive industry. VW has over 40,000 engineers and a considerable amount of resources to make new innovations.

Interestingly, the Volkswagen’s electric and autonomous family car, which is expected to arrive by 2025, will not only render some high end technologies, but will also be priced less than a standard car.


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