A Brief Review on USB Network Gate 7.0

USB Network Gate

The USB Network Gate 7.0 is a program form Eltima Software that gives people the ability to get multiple USB devices attached to a computer through an Ethernet connection whether it’s a LAN or WAN setup. This works as if the device was plugged into one’s machine.

USB Network Gate

This is an essential product as it ensures that remote scanners, webcams, modems, USB dongles and other items can work. These can work as though they were plugged directly into one’s computer. A simple Ethernet connection ensures that more of these items can be accessed by many computers, thus allowing these computers to be a little more productive and efficient. It works well to get businesses to truly become more proficient.

Key Points

This works by getting the USB Network Gate 7.0 program installed onto a proper server. This can be installed onto a guest operating system like a blade server or virtual machine.

After this is installed, it will identify the USB-powered items that are linked to a particular server. This will then allow connections to be created to where these items can be read by other computers in an area. The key is for the computers to be connected to the proper Ethernet setup. A Wi-Fi link can be used if needed to make it easier for people to get connections to work to their needs.


Specific Requirements

This works with many operating systems to make it easier to run. A user can easily get the material to work by having it on the 32 or 64-bit Windows OS from XP onward. This can also work on Windows Server 2012.

Separate Linux and Mac options are available for people to use as well. There is even a version of USB Network Gate 7.0 available for use on the Android operating system. This makes it easier for the program to work as required.


This can be linked to all sorts of USB-powered items that are attached to the necessary server or virtual machine. It works with communication items like phones, USB dongles and drives among other items. It can also link to equipment like printers and modems among other items. In short, a device that is linked through a USB port can easily be read provided that it is linked to the host and the program acknowledges that it is being run. This in turn makes it to where it’s easy to get more items to be read with care.


The USB Network Gate 7.0 program will be a real necessity for all sorts of businesses, particularly those in the global trade field. The purpose of this device is to make businesses more functional and capable of handling all of their general networking needs with relative ease. This program helps to create strong links that are efficient and suitable without being far too complicated.

The fact that people can access more of these items through the program without having to unplug and move items around only makes this all the more efficient and useful for the requirements that businesses often hold on average.


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