Twitter Eases 140 Characters Limit for Tweets

Characters Limit

Did you find it annoying when you had to express your feelings in a tweet after your favorite team won the football match but you couldn’t include all those hashtags due to the word limit? Or maybe you wanted to wish your friend a ‘Happy birthday’, but couldn’t write the whole song and add images? Well, you can rejoice now, as Twitter announces plans to update the platform and ease 140 characters limit. Sounds interesting!

Characters Limit

So, what does it really mean for the users? For starters, this change will make it a lot easier for them to communicate.According to the chief executive of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, a lot of people have been requesting for this particular change from quite some time. To implement this update, Twitter did not actually increase the character limit beyond 140, but removed the limit from links, images, videos, GIFs and user names. So now you can ‘@ username’ anyone on twitter or upload any attachment and it won’t be counted as the tweet character limit. Moreover, a ‘Retweet’ button will be added, so that you can quote your own tweet if required.

Over the years, Twitter made small changes to make the platform more interesting for its users such as they added a direct-message button and changed the favorite button to a heart shaped like button. And now removing the character limit is a great strategy to attract new users as well as keeping the current users active.

It’d also allow online stores to effectively use Twitter to describe more about their product in a single tweet and increase their B2B sales.

According to Twitter, the new character limit update will roll out in the coming months.


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