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We live in a very exciting time where cutting-edge technology is all around us. Cast your mind back just a decade or two, and the picture looks almost primitive compared with today. We have smart phones, smart TVs, smart home appliance. Heck, even smart homes are possible. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can control all our devices like air condition, refrigerator, TV, door locks, security camera etc, over the internet, using either a computer or a smartphone.

Home Door Locks are Becoming Smart

Electronic, keyless door locks are nothing new. They’ve been common at hotels for many years now. Typically they use a key card or contactless key fob that can be encoded with a guest’s information and duration of stay. But that technology looks belongs to the past now, since it doesn’t use the power of the internet.

There are many smart door locks that can integrate easily with your smart home hub. However, that’s a very expensive and involved system that puts smart locks out of reach of a large segment of technophiles. But luckily their demands can now be met by smart home door locks that don’t require a hub, and typically uses a smartphone app to lock and unlock. Let’s look at three of the most popular ones.

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● Connects to a smart phone via the Kevo app over Bluetooth.

● Touch-to-Open technology allows you to open the lock with a touch when your phone is near, without needing to get your phone or keys out.

● Knows which side of the door you are, and won’t open by touch if your phone is inside.

● Kevo Fob allows Touch-to-Open access without a smartphone.

● KevoPlus Wi-Fi add-on adds remote access and monitoring ability to the app.

● Sends notifications to phone when door is locked and unlocked.

● Can grant guest eKeys that expire automatically, or only activate in limited time windows.

● Works with Amazon Alexa.

● Backup with traditional key, using Kwikset’s highly secure SmartKey technology.

Schlage Sensea

● Illuminated touchscreen keypad.

● Smart phone pairs with lock over Bluetooth, allowing easy setup of eKeys.

● Up to 30 eKeyscan be created.

● Wi-Fi add-on allows remote locking and unlocking.

● Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

● Built-in alarm sensors that detect tampering attempts, and sends alert to your phone.

● Backup with traditional key.

August Smart Lock Pro

● Retrofits to the inside of an existing deadbolt.

● Uses smartphone as key via the app, connected over Bluetooth.

● DoorSense technology checks if door is closed properly and locked.

● The Connect Wi-Fi bridge allows remote lock control.

● Auto-Unlock unlocks when you are close to the door, and locks automatically when you are farther than 200m away.

● Uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services to determine your location.

● Trusted visitors can be granted keyless access from the app.

● Optional Smart Keypad add-on uses access codes for phoneless and keyless entry.

● Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri smart assistants.

● Works with Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers.

● Works with Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave Plus smart home systems


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