Top 3 Mobile Phones

Top Mobile Phones

There’s no end to the slew of competitors out there when it comes to the smart phone market. And, when the holiday season rolls around, as is the case at this moment, it seems as if manufacturers are ready to introduce the “newest, latest, and best” model yet. So how do you weed through the ads, and truly make the right choice if it is time for you to invest in a new smart phone? Consider these top mobile phones at the present time, if you are ready to buy and truly do want to invest in a great device.

Top Mobile Phones

Google Pixel XL –

Google Pixel XL

Trumped as the “iPhone killer” by many in the tech industry, this is a great phone to invest in if you are ready to buy right now. One of the best cameras available, the google assist feature is quite promising, the latest snapdragon and Android OS are built in, and it is truly massive (screen but not in weight).

A 12 MP rear and 8 MP front facing camera takes excellent still shot as well as video capturing, smooth and slick performance, along with seamless gliding, and a fingerprint scanner for added security, are a few of the many features you are bound to enjoy. No external speakers and lack of waterproof casing might be a major drawback for some however, so do keep this in mind.

Galaxy Edge S7 –

Galaxy Edge S7

The Samsung Galaxy is always a top contender in the smart phone market, and this one is no different. Side notification bars, email reminders, beautiful design, elegant finishes, and high quality, huge touchscreen, make it a joy to use. Excellent camera, sleek curved edges, and a brilliant mix of metal and glass, make for a truly exceptional look. Its light, fast, has great battery life, and although pricey, it is a top contender in the mix of new smart phones hitting the market, it is a brand you can truly rely on for quality and excellent use features.

iPhone 7 Plus –

iPhone 7 Plus

There’s no getting around it, the iPhone is here to stay (and has been since its inception years back). Power and slick performance, excellent look, layout, ease of use, excellent camera, and fingerprint scanner for security, make this a top contender in the smart phone market.

The water resistant body, elegant look, metallic finishes, and quality casing, do come at a premium price tag (but so do the other models on the list). With a new depth of field feature being introduced, Siri has even more help for those who are looking for something specific and need help. If you are interested in getting a new iphone then you should always use a comparison website so you can find the best deal. You can even find a retailer who will offer the phones on finance.

Whether you are an iOS enthusiast and loyalist or do not sway from Android, you have several great devices you can choose to invest in when purchasing a new smart phone today.

For those who want the best, top contender, and if money is not an obstacle when the time comes to invest in your new device, these are truly the top mobile phones you can purchase today, when time comes to decide on your new smart phone.


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