Do you Know about these Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps? If No, then You Should

Artificial Intelligence Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage today. Despite being an imperfect technology, which is still in its infancy, it has made quite a stir in the crowd. People are excited about the development of AI and looking forward to its progress. After all, who can resist the opportunity to talk to their phones? There are many artificial intelligence apps available in the market these days. You will also find a great number of devices and home appliances with AI integration.

You might want to try all of them but sadly, they are expensive. So, here are some of the best as well as free artificial intelligence apps you should be using right now.

Artificial Intelligence Apps for iPhone

AI apps are available for various platforms but some are designed for a particular operating system. When we speak of apps, we usually mean smartphone apps that’s why we have categorized these apps according to their iOS. Here are the best artificial intelligence apps on iPhone.


Apple Siri

Everyone is familiar with Siri, the virtual assistant for iPhones and iOS. This was one of the very first artificial intelligence apps to emerge on the scene. Siri acts as your personal assistant and manages your tasks as well as help you find stuff. Because, let’s admit, we need an assistant for that. You can use it with every Apple device on the planet, that is iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple watch, TV, etc. Siri is powered by voice commands, which means you can talk to it. One of the most notable thing about it is that it comprehends the speech pattern of the user, learning along the way and responding in kind.

SwiftKey Keyboard

What makes SwiftKey an artificial intelligence app? It’s ability to learn from the user. It is one of the best keyboard apps available on iOS, with multiple fun features. However, the most notable quality about SwiftKey is the convenience it brings. With this app, you can not only type faster and communicate more effectively but it also offers accurate predictions and suggestions regarding your next word. Moreover, the auto-correct function makes sure the mistakes stay away, which are the leading cause of misunderstanding.

News 360

News 360 for iPhone
Apple App Store

Majority of the people wouldn’t want a news app in the first place, let alone an AI powered one. The reason is simply the lack of interest. But if you are one of the minority who want a perfectly customized news app, then News 360 is for you. This app is especially helpful for journalism major students as well as journalist and anyone who likes staying up to date with what’s going on around the world. News 360 learns from your interests, based on the previous articles you’ve read and optimizes the app with stories you’ll want to read.

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Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Similar to iOS, there are specific apps that only run on android. If you are an android user and want AI apps to make your life easier, give these a go.


Sound Hound

Hound is the best voice search engine in the market. It is an app that allows users to search anything through audio. For example, the tune that is stuck inside your head but for the life of you, you can’t recall which song is it. Simply hum the tune in Hound and it’ll tell you which song is it. The Hound app has a great interface, which is user friendly and extremely easy to use. The artificial intelligence in this app learns to recognize different sources of sound in the surroundings and distinguish them from each other.


Socratic App
Google Play

Majority of the artificial intelligence apps are targeted at adults and office workers, that’s why Socratic is so awesome. It is an app targeted at kids and teenagers to help them with their homework. And adults might not understand it, but yeah, kids do need help with homework. Instead of copying off of the web, Socratic makes children understand the problem and provides step by step answers. All you have to do is take a picture of the math problem, and it’ll give you the answer with proper explanation.

Artificial Intelligence Apps for Windows/PC

Some artificial intelligence apps are also available for using on the PC and windows, though most people might have forgotten it as smartphones have replaced much of computer use. Try the following AI apps to help you manage your life.


Wysa App

While other virtual assistants help you manage your daily tasks as well as office work, this assistant is more of your friend. Wysa is an AI app that is programmed for people with stress and anxiety issues but anyone who needs some cheering up can use it. The interface is extremely adorable with a cute penguin as the front face. You can talk to it, express your concerns and it’ll suggest you ways to overcome it.


Cortana App

Cortana is the Windows version of Siri. It is a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. In simple terms, it can help you with anything you want. But in particular, Cortana scans your mail to make specific reminders, manages your schedule, alerts you regarding the upcoming appointments. It also has a notebook in which you can store your interests and preferences and Cortana will keep them in mind during search results.


Alexa App

The AI assistant from Amazon Echo is now available on windows as well as other platforms. You can give voice commands to Alexa and she’ll handle your tasks for you. The best thing about this app is that you can run it simultaneously across multiple devices. Ask her to check the traffic situation, the shortest route home, the best restaurant in the area and she’ll provide you answers within milliseconds.

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Google Assistant

Google Assistant

If you want a virtual assistant with a sharp sense of humor, then Google Assistant is your go-to app. It can perform all the functions of an AI assistant such as highly optimized web searches, setting reminders, checking your mail, help you navigate places, etc. Google Assistant learns from your speech patterns to give you relevant results.

Artificial Intelligence Camera Apps

Artificial Intelligence Camera Apps

Another mentionable category in artificial intelligence apps is the artificial intelligence integrated cameras in smartphone these days. Soon it’ll be unheard of to have a smartphone that doesn’t feature an AI camera. Artificial Intelligence cameras make photography even easier and fun. Taking good photos and breathtaking portraits is no longer something only professional photographers are capable of.

AI cameras will take care of that. They make use of the camera features such as controlling light, blurring the surroundings and highlight your profile.


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