Technologies To Give Your Freelance Career a Boost

Freelance Career

It’s all too easy to let a freelance career operate on autopilot, especially when your income is just fine and things are ticking over nicely. But complacency is one thing that can kill a freelance career, which doesn’t come with the stability of a full-time position with a company.

Freelance Career

If you’re not keeping ahead, then you’re falling behind – and they’ll be someone on hand to take away clients and their all important revenue. By investing in the right kinds of technology, you’ll be able to boost your productivity and stay ahead of the curve. Just take a look at some of our suggestions below.

The Essentials

Your essential technologies are the springboard to your success. You need to back them up with your own skills, of course, but if they’re up to scratch then you’ll be in a strong position to make your career a success. This means making sure you invest in devices that will not let you down; if your work is largely on a computer, don’t rely on an old machine that has been through years of abuse – get a new laptop or computer, one that you can dedicate to your business. Nothing will limit your success like a piece of technology that isn’t fast or reliable enough to match your ambitions.

On the Move

It’s a fast paced world, and you need to be set up to location independent. You never know when a client will need you to work or meet with you, and the last thing you want is to be caught out because you’re not set up to work wherever you might find yourself. You can get ready by investing in a smaller laptop that’s good for using on the go – it doesn’t have to be as powerful as your permanent option, just good enough to get the job done. You’ll also want to be set up for mobile credit card processing, so you can accept payments right from your device. An internet dongle might also be useful if you don’t live in a city with free Wi-Fi options, as they will allow to get online and to work wherever you are.

On the MoveOn Your Computer

Most people don’t really think about them, but there are many, many applications and websites that you use on your computer that can boost your productivity and make handling your freelance business all the easier. Two essentials are Skype and Google Drive, or another cloud based service. Skype enables you to always be available when your clients need you in an informal or formal way; they can send you a message or have a video conference. Google Drive and other cloud storage keep all your important documents safe, and can also be accessed from any device. Two other useful applications are to-do lists and time management. A to-do list application (there are many to choose from) keeps you focused on your daily tasks, while time management helps you keep a track of the hours you’re putting in – essential if you’re being paid by the hour.


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