Picking the Right Tech Tools for the Job

right tech tools

Few business owners have the knowledge to turn their technology problems around with right Tech tools. It could be employee management troubles, it might be software that no longer works for your business, or perhaps it’s software that needs to become more portable.

Right Tech Tools

Whatever the case may be, it’s not uncommon for business owners to lack sufficient technological knowledge in order to fix these issues without having to call for a tech professional’s services.

However, picking out the right tools for the job can be much easier than you’d think. The truth is, there is almost always a piece of software or a cloud service that fits exactly the way you need it to. For every problem that we’ve ever had using a computer, someone will have made a tool that fixes that problem or reduces the effects of it. For instance, in the past, collaborating on a document with multiple people was almost impossible. It wasn’t easy to do, there were some bugs and issues, and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

With the introduction of Google Drive and its cloud-based office tools, collaborating was as simple as loading up a document, clicking share and giving the link to other people. Suddenly, millions of people around the world were using Google Drive as a way to collaborate on documents. This offered new ways to work, new workflows, and new jobs. If you’d like to learn how to solve every tech issue or job that you could ever encounter, then here’s a brief guide on the logic behind it and how to chose the right tech tools for the job.

Identify and Admit the Problem

If you want to solve a problem you have to admit that it’s a problem first. For instance, maybe your employees are slacking off and they’re always absent to work. Maybe the workflow in your office is bottlenecked because of a slow internet connection. Perhaps a recent hard drive failure has set you back a week in terms of progress on your company project.

These are all legitimate and very real problems that could arise. The reason we first identify a problem is so that we can break the problem down and analyse it so that we can make good decisions on how to fix it. For instance, if you are having trouble managing employees, then equipping your human resources department with a HR management tool could give them the power they need to monitor, record and print out employee records to use as evidence of someone being lazy. If you have a slow internet connection and it’s causing bottlenecks in your office, then you can upgrade it for better speeds, or you could take a look at what files you are transferring and if you can reduce their sizes before uploading them to a server.

Software Solution

There’s Almost Always a Software Solution

No matter what kind of problem you have, there is almost always going to be tech tools for its solution. For instance, if a hard drive failure has ruined at least a week’s worth of work, then the software solution here is to backup your files more frequently and perhaps even make nightly backups that are uploaded to a safe off-site server which can be accessed from your office. If you backup all of your information in half-day increments, then you’re less likely to suffer from the crippling consequences of critical data loss.

The key to finding suitable software for your problem is as easy as a Google search. Simply type in your problem and you’re more than likely going to find dozens of results that point you towards suitable software to use for your problem. Failing that, you could speak with your tech department, an outsourced computer support service or even business friends.

Making Your Own Tools

If you’re a large enough company to hire designers or computers engineers to make your own software, then you’re going to have a major advantage not only to fix problems in your office more quickly, but you’ll also have an advantage over your competition.

If you’re facing an issue with no software solution to overcome it, then chances are your competitors are also experiencing the same issues. However, if you have tech tools ready to design bespoke software that is unique to your company in order to fix a problem, then you have a major advantage.

For instance, let’s say you need to create a program that allows your employees to sign in and out of their workplace account in order to submit work, report problems and keep track of their tasks. There probably is some software that does this, but it might not meet your exact needs or be scalable to the number of employees you have.

To overcome this limitation, you can hire software engineers to create a custom application that allows your employees to do this with any smart device, laptop or computer. They can make it easy to use and since it’s a private piece of software, it is not open to the public, giving you the upper hand in employee management.


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