Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

10 Tech Gadgets

In today’s modern world, we’re surrounded by useful tech gadgets that make our lives either easier or just more enjoyable. Here are just 10 tech gadgets that many of us are making use of on a daily basis and would have a hard time giving up.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets

1. Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Many people today are wearing various types of smart watches.  Whether it be a Fitbit that tracks health and fitness or another model that synchs your calendar, these handy devices put technology at arm’s length and most will synch to your smartphone.

2. Smartphone


Speaking of smartphones, these are another piece of technology that we barely let leave our hands, never mind our lives. New innovations and devices are constantly being brought to the market, offering a whole new world at our fingertips each time.One of the latest smartphones from Samsung for example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has 4GB RAM with 5.1″ display screen and a 12MP camera, which people are choosing to use for convenience over an actual digital camera. This is perhaps the most vital tech gadget of this century.

3. Drones


Whether you use a drone for fun to fly over the local lake and take video of the family boating activities or use it to take the awesome aerial shots of your home so that you can sell it for top dollar, these mini flying vehicles have become both affordable and offer hours of fun. Some drones can even be controlled through your Android smartphone App.

4. Action Cam

Action Camera

Most drones won’t work wonders for you without an action cam like a GoPro, but these mini-cameras can do so much more. Capture life’s most intense moments whether under the sea or hurtling down the ski slopes.

5. Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses

If “action” isn’t your middle name, you can still experience entire new worlds with the VR products that are now being released on the market.  From Facebook’s Oculus Rift to the Samsung Gear VR that can connect to your Samsung Galaxy S7, these are a virtual experience not to be missed.

6. Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless Charging Pads

Tired of losing charging cables for your cell phone, tablet, and other electronic devices?  Fortunately, now you can use a wireless charging pad that charges your various devices simply by contact. This tech gadgets is getting famous day by day.

7. Roomba


Few people find joy in vacuuming their home. Fortunately, the Roomba robotic vacuum has been around for several years and seems to just keep getting better.  Made by iRobot, this self-propelled vacuuming machine finds its way around carpet, rugs, and wood floors with its advanced sensors while you make better use of your time. The best news? You can now schedule and control the Roomba from an App through your Samsung Galaxy S7.

8. Robotic Pets

Robotic Pets

Not all of us have a schedule conducive to owning “live” pets.  Robotic dogs and cats are proving the next best thing for some, who are enjoying the tricks and interaction that these tech gadgets provide.

9. Streaming Video Player

Streaming Video Player

One of the biggest fads in the past several years is called “binge watching” on streaming media. Services such as Netflix post entire seasons of made for video and other television shows at one time, allowing viewers to sit for days on end in front of their smart televisions. Healthy? Probably not. Fun? Absolutely! Streaming media players such as the Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick make this possible.

10. Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

Have you ever wished that you could start dinner as you leave the office?  How about adjust your home’s temperature or even close a forgotten garage door remotely? Smart appliances for your home now allow you to accomplish all of these things and so much more. These appliances can be controlled through dedicated Apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. So this is the list of best tech gadgets that provide ease in your busy life.


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