Starting Off With A New Gaming PC


You’ve spent the cash, you’ve built your Steam gaming library and you can’t wait to go. But wait – as you click to launch the latest game, you run into a string of errors – something’s not right! But why? If you build your PC, running into launch issues and other issues is part and parcel of job. Here’s how to start off on the right foot with your new gaming PC.

How to Start with a New Gaming PC

Firstly, make sure your PC has all the components necessary to run the games you want to play. It used to be that Crysis was the benchmark nearly ten years ago, but each new release can seriously push your computer to its limits if you want to go in that direction. If your computer is struggling, it might be that it can’t devote enough power to the graphics card which might hint at a RAM issue. It might even be that the RAM speed doesn’t match the speed of the motherboard. If this is the issue, your RAM will need replacing. If an issue does pop up – READ IT – it’s likely that the solution for it exists on the internet.

new gaming PCSpeaking of components – the monitor is an area that could be letting your computer down. If your monitor isn’t capable of a 60hz refresh rate, it’s going to struggle to display games at sixty frames per second (60fps). This is the benchmark and you’ll endure a hamstrung gaming experience if your monitor has a low refresh rate. This video is a great explainer of refresh rates and how they affect frame rates. This is why you should opt for a dedicated monitor over a tv display. Save up for a good monitor and, then you can ask, “Which is the best monitor for gaming?”. This is the monitor that will allow your computer to showcase the graphics prowess of your computer.

It’s important to have a games collection before you start – and Steam allows you to do this with its various seasonal sales. Get ahead of the curve and purchase your favourite games when they are on sale to ensure that you have a nice, long backlog of games by the time you start off on your new gaming pc rig!

Accessories are a good option and a normal mouse and keyboard might not cut it. Ultra competitive games do demand a lot of our wrists and hands and mechanical keyboards and ergonomic mice can help a lot. Gel wrist rests and soft mousepads are a good idea as well. You might not be the super competitive type, but a six hour session of Crusader Kings 2 is going to take its toll eventually! Kit your desk out with the best gear to get the most out of your new gaming pc rig.

Finally, anti-virus is a good idea. If you’re downloading mods and graphics packs from the internet, your computer is going to be heavily susceptible to computer viruses. Anti virus software will help you ensure that your new, expensive new gaming PC is fighting fit and healthily at all times!


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