A Simple Guide to Successfully Start Your Own Website

Start Your Own Website

Start Your Own Website The Internet has quickly become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Almost anyone can open up their browser and find a website, but actually creating one yourself is much more complex. Creating a website takes technological know-how, a great deal of patience and ideally a solid understanding of web marketing and development strategies so that you can make your website easy to find, navigate and use.

Start Your Own Website

Starting Points:

1. Buy a domain

If you’re getting ready to build your website, you should already have a domain name in mind. This is one of the most important aspects in the creation of your website. There are millions of websites on the Internet, so there is a very high chance that the name you want has already been taken. So, first things first, check that your domain name is available. If it is, purchase it as soon as possible.

You may even be able to get your domain name from the same place you are building your website, for example, when you create your own website with Web Eden you can easily buy a domain and link it straight to the site you create.

2. Create Your Content

It’s ok designing the structure of your website, but if you don’t have quality content to fill it you’re not going to be attracting an audience. The majority of internet travel is done through search engines, and the search engines rely on keywords to determine what we will see when we hit that search button. If you put up a website without any content, or without in depth and SEO friendly content, it will be confusing to navigate and much harder to find.

3. What is Your Purpose?

Anyone can make a website, but without a definite goal and purpose a website can quickly grow cluttered and difficult to understand. If you want to effectively market yourself and build up a recognisable brand, you need to remain consistent and focused. Having specific goals in place will allow you to stay on track and retain regular customers.
In addition to these three fundamental components, you’ll also need a hosting service. Website hosting is often available through domain suppliers, web development agencies and web marketing firms.

Parts of a Website

In order for your Start Your Own Website to function effectively, you are going to need each component to connect and work together.

Essential features:

•  A landing page: This is the main page that you want people to find on your website. It is recommended that you take advantage of multivariate testing for each landing page you create to ensure optimal user experience and high conversion rates.

• Contact information: To gain top ranks in local searches your website will need a brick and mortar address. Local search can give you a big advantage, especially in the mobile website market. It is estimated that about 95 percent of mobile searches are for localised information, so this is an area you want to take advantage of.

• Optimised pages: Create pages to support your landing page. You can do this through a blog, an informational guide on the topic your website focuses on or even through an online store. As you create content, you’ll want to take advantage of strong keywords for your industry and create backlinks to your landing page to help direct people there.
When you create Start Your Own Website you have total control over the design, so be careful not to put too much on the screen all at once. Carefully consider each aspect and be strategic. Remember, when it comes to selling a product or delivering a message, less is often more.


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