Spy Phone App: Should You be Spying on your Kid’s Phone?

Spy Phone App

Invasion of child’s privacy is one of the most debatable parenting topics today. However, the news shows an alarming number of teen suicides, kidnapping reports, child depression, online predators and cyberbullying, and noticing all this, experts across the country are now holding the monitoring of a child’s phone as really good parenting. To avoid this, parents should take some steps such as downloading a free spy phone app to protect their children.

Spy Phone App

Although there are many people who would disagree with spying on your own child, they should know that:

  • More than 42% of teenagers with internet access have reported being cyberbullied in 2017.
  • Approximately 3 million kids are reported to be absent from school per month due to bullying.
  • 20% of cyberbullied kids consider suicide, and 1 among 10 actually attempt it.
  • In the US, about every 40 seconds, a kid is abducted or goes missing, according to the FBI.
  • 50% of high school seniors are known to be drug abusers.
  • Nearly 43% of high school seniors have admitted having used marijuana.

Raising a child in today environment can be challenging, but there are some rules that one can follow to make it all easier and ensure child protection. The most important of them is knowing what goes on in their smartphones and whether they are being bullied or exploited in any way. A good method of doing this is downloading a free spy phone app and installing it on their phone. This will allow you to observe your kid’s activity without them being informed.

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Spy phone app that can be utilized to record SMS, contacts, call history, locations, audio, camera, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and similar internet activity. You can install it on your child’s smartphone and the will go totally discreet and work in the background.

Without giving notifications of any kind, the application will record and upload the requested data from your child’s smartphone on to the cloud and from there you can easily retrieve it. It creates an online dashboard that you can easily access from anywhere and at any time.

There are no notifications on this device, nor does it shows any traces or recording data that might tick your child off. People use this application on Android devices only to find out about every single step of the person you are interested in.

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Once the app starts working in the background, you can rest assured that you have an eye on your child all the time. This will allow you to ensure that they are with the right company and no predator is exploiting them in any way. It will also help you in keeping your children from being bullied or even ending up being drug abusers.

Knowing what goes on your child’s cellular device is a good parenting habit as it shows the concern a parent has and how much vested he/she is in their his/her child’s interests. Parents should download spy phone app free download.


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