Speed & Security Are Key Concerns In Mobile App Trends

Mobile App Trends

Are you thinking about embracing the world of mobile App Trends to strengthen your business offering? If so, then you should make yourself aware of some of the latest trends in the field. Speed and security are two concerns that anybody thinking about apps should take seriously. But, there are other things to think about too. Discover more as we run through some of the most important trends affecting the mobile app Trends development industry.

Mobile App Trends


Rising demands for mobile apps have resulted in developers needing to work faster. Competition is fierce, and businesses need outcomes and products as soon as possible. However, is this the right way to go? Of course, it depends on the app that you want and the technology that is used to power it. But, that speed you need might be causing its own problems. One of them being security, which we’ll take a look at next.


There doesn’t seem to be a day go by without hearing reports of yet another app facing security issues. As with all new technologies, the industry is suffering from the early phases of testing out security programs. It means hackers are gleefully taking advantage. Make sure that you approach mobile app developers with security at the forefront of your mind. According to industry research from Gartner, three-quarters of all mobile apps would fail up to seven basic security tests. That’s an alarming amount, so perhaps there should be less focus on speed and more on safety.


Around one in five of all electronic payments are being made via a smartphone or tablet app. And, that number is expected to increase in the next couple of years. So, as well as e-commerce, businesses should be looking at m-commerce as well. Given the fact that over half of all searches are made on a mobile device, there is still a lot of leg room to be exploited here. However, the security issues noted above may well have something to do with this gap between searches and payments via mobile.


Location is becoming of vital importance to businesses all over the world, as they try and make better use of a mobile device’s GPS. Almost every major industry can benefit from laser-focused geolocation apps. Retail, housing, and travel industries will all find relevance in what location-based apps can offer. It’s still in its early phases at the moment, but this type of advertising and sales is going to feature more heavily in the landscape of the near future.


Wearable tech is still in its early days and is suffering somewhat, in that it has yet to break into the mainstream. The Apple Watch and fitness gadgets are helping, of that there is no doubt. But, there is an element of naffness and pointlessness in almost every other field. That said, it’s something that big business is involving itself in- and in a big way. Who knows what the future holds for wearable tech? Nobody knows, but it will take a design of some merit to see the market evolve into usability in clothing, for example.

OK, that’s all from us about the recent trends in mobile apps. Do you know of any others? We’d love to hear about them so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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