Transform the Smartphones Era with Sony Xperia Z3

sony xperia z3

Sony has come back with the best smart phone by launching the Xperia Z3. The best of Sony has been compacted in the new Sony Xperia Z3 with its Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. Sony offers the best in class sharpness, color resolution and clarity with the unique Sony technology in Xperia Z3. The battery performance of the phone is outstanding and the single touch features of the phone make it one of the extraordinary league.

 Sony Xperia Z3 Review

Features: The phone has an HD resolution screen and a high audio quality, which is a trademark of Sony. The phone has 800MHz single core processor and operates on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4). Sony Xperia Z3 has an inbuilt 2GB RAM with a 2.5GHz processor.

The design of the new Sony Z3 is similar to the other Sony Smartphones, but it is given a more slimmer and sleek look, making it look elegant and classy with a 4.6 inches touch screen. The rounded glass edges of the phone make it easy to hold and carry. The Xperia Z3 is lighter than Xperia Z2 and the ports are crafted to keep the phone protected from water. The colors Sony offers for this beautiful possession are white, black, copper brown, green and silver.

 sony xperia z3

You can connect your Sony Xperia Z3 to the PS4 controller and take over the PSP gaming experience. This feature underlines the uniqueness offered in this phone. With a Wi-Fi connection you can directly connect your phone using the gaming app and experience the enthralling gaming experience.

Sony claims that the battery of this smart phone would last for at least two days after the phone is completely charged. This is indeed a reason to influence the buyers for this phone.

The phone has an incredible camera, of 20.7 MP with the G lens technology. The pictures from the Sony Z3 are as clear and bright as crystal. The phone comes as a pre-loaded package with all the apps already loaded in it. Sony offers many innovative features like Exmor Rs, Image Sensor with HDR videos which is launched for the first time across the world by Sony.


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