Social Media Tips For Digital Marketers

Social Media Tips

Since its emergence in the early 2000’s, social media has continuously redefined the way us humans interact with each other. From the way we communicate, how we work, enjoy our downtime, and more, it’s all affected by social media tips.

Social Media Tips

Last year, alone, social media users hit a jaw-dropping 2.34 BILLION number that is only expected to grow by the end of 2017. By 2020? The number will more than likely reach 3 billion!

Now, because of this, businesses are looking to social media and its various channels to drive sales, customer engagement, and expand markets. As a marketing tool, social media tips prove itself to be extremely effective. According to studies, 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from a business who’s active on these social sites. Moreover, nearly half of all consumers admit that they’ve consulted with their followers on social media before purchasing an item or service!

For brands to build trust and gain credibility, it’s important to engage with customers – old, and potential new ones. And having a good social media presence is often the key. Need help getting started? Here are a few social media tips for you!


Digital marketers who have an active blog, and prioritize it are studies more likely to achieve positive ROI! An even more enticing statistic is that 70% of consumers actually prefer receiving information about a company through blog articles – rather than ads. When you focus on information and educating your customers – in an entertaining manner – they are also more inclined to share. Over 94% do so when they think it’ll be helpful information for others.


Just like in high school, if you’re seen with the “cool kids,” you’re considered cool too. And the best way up the social (media) ladder is to hang out with said “cool kids” – who go by the term “influencers.”

Influencers are some of the most powerful personalities on the World Wide Web. They can impact trends and shape popular opinion with one Tweet, Snap, blog post, etc. And partnering with one can only benefit you. It helps you build trust, and credibility among consumers; 49% of which who say they look to influencers for purchase decisions. Moreover, content that’s generated by an influencer receives up to 11 times greater ROI!

Having them conduct product reviews, mention your brand on social media, and/or create original content in the form of videos, photos, etc., are just a few ways you can work with influencers. With the rise of social “stories,” an influencer can represent your brand story in the form of short video clips. For more on sharing stories, and how to do so on Snapchat or Instagram, check out EZSiteBuilders’ detailed guide.


Social media is undoubtedly more enjoyable when visuals are involved. Research has shown that visual content – like images, and videos – get up to 650 times more engagement! Aside from being eye-catching, visuals are much easier to consume in this fast-paced world. They also result in much higher retention. It’s been reported that blog posts with images receive up to 94% more views.


While acquiring new customers is always imperative to a brand’s growth, it’s also just as – or even more – important to keep existing customers engaged. According to Invesp, Focusing solely on new customers can be 5-10 times more expensive than when you remember to keep current customers locked in.

You can engage your current customers through various methods such as newsletters, social media posts, exclusive promotions, and personalized follow-ups (based on their past purchases).

Overall, social media is one of the most effective digital marketing channels that’s available at the palm of your hands, literally. Why scramble your brains looking for more expensive, slow-returning alternatives?


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