Seven Smart Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car and Make It Smarter

Smart Gadgets Cars

Smart gadgets You may not be too excited about your old car or the model. However, you will be glad to learn that you can still make it turn head with some cool and smart gadgets.

Smart Gadgets

Now, there is nothing to stop you from getting the latest technologies fitted inside your car.

It is time to tune into the new tech environment and get more connected. Usher your car into the modern era and feel proud of tithe smarter automobiles out there are not well within the reach of everybody.

Well, you can act smarter and get those devices inside your vehicle and upgrade your car to smart car status, and all at a fraction of the price.

Have a look at the following amazing gadgets that can upgrade your car and take your experience of driving it to a new higher plane.

Here are the Smart Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car

Charge via USB

If your car is missing out on a USB port, there is no need to fret. All you need to do is get the Veetop Dual USB High-Speed Car Charger.  Now you can get USB power via the car’s 12v power output. Take advantage of the simple solution and charge more than one device at a time. Now you can charge your phones without worrying about their battery running out on a long drive.

Car streamers

Justop BTR006 Bluetooth Wireless makes for a quick and easy way to stream music from your mobile. Now you can enjoy quality music playback from your mobile. Get it charged via USB and look for the leading music streaming service in your state. Buying a quality product ensures that you get to enjoy quality music over Bluetooth.

Smart Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car

Smart Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car

Get that small car adapter that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth into the on board diagnostics port of the car. Now you can have access to different data about your vehicle. The device will help you remember where you parked, diagnose engine problems and will even display your trip history.

G-Force monitor and camera

G-Force monitor and camera

There is no reason G-Force readouts should be enjoyed only in those top end sports cars. Now you can buy a dashcam that can double as a GPS and G-Force sensor. The dashcam with sensor readouts not only helps you going round corners but will also get the price of your car insurance down.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Buzzard 2 from EE

What could be better than your car having its own Wi-Fi hotspot? Just buy EE’s Buzzard 2 to upgrade your car and plug it easily into car’s 12v power slot. Now, so anyone in your car can enjoy high-speed connectivity while on the move! The best part is that the gadget doubles as a charger with a USB port and thus you can charge your phones and tablets anytime.


Satnavs Cars

Many people prefer using their mobiles while some cars have satnav built into the dash.  A built-in sat nav is hard to beat, what with the downloaded maps, so that there is no issue of losing connectivity. Get that device installed in your car and view everything in the large and clear screen. They plug into the car’s power supply easily, and those added traffic update options prevent those accidents and pile-ups.

Cruise RP-1

Cruise RP-1

Want to drive a driverless car?  Get some self-driving features to your car with the help of Cruise RP-1 and enjoy the experience while driving on the highway. The highway autopilot product makes use of sensors and data to help make the car safer. It supports radar tracking to gauges the speed of the cars and maintains a safe distance.


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