Samsung to Participate at The Celebrate Success Awards

Samsung Android Phones

While Samsung has always tried to impress their customers with better devices and technologies that work to make life simpler Samsung has now made an announcement that they are proud patrons of the The Celebrate Success Awards which is the annual red carpet event that is held in the UK.

Celebrate Success Awards

The awards recognize some of the people who have done amazing things and have achieved something better with the help of the charity that they have received. Samsung already made an announcement in November 2012 regarding their partnership with the youth charity The Princes Trust that supports and helps disadvantaged young people across the UK.

Samsung believes that being a Gold Patron of this award will always be a great idea to support the cause of people in the UK. The event will also have seven major awards including Samsung Young Achiever of the Year award that will be awarded at the event. Samsung also claimed that this will allow the company to showcase that they are really committed to make life better in the UK and in various parts of the globe. The event will also have many celebrities that will be in attendance to encourage people that have done well in their life due to support provided by the trust.

Samsung revealed that this partnership is a part of their Hope for Youth campaign that focuses on better technologies and innovation. The company claims that they want to make sure that they help children that want to get better education and health that will make this world a better place.


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