Samsung Galaxy S III – A Comprehensive Review

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III understands you much better. You will find it smarter and do things like keeping track of your loved ones or staying awake when you look at it. It will be much more fun to use it and you will find yourself enjoying the phone a lot more.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Samsung Galaxy S III Outside

Samsung Galaxy S III - Outside

The handset is inspired by nature and carries an ergonomic design. It’s a bit too rough around the edges but the actual edges are curved flawlessly. The big, bright screen and smooth corners go easy on the eyes. It maintains comfortable screen brightness levels. The gloss and smooth finish make it more comfortable in your hands. The display of 4.80 inches screen has an extremely high pixel density.

Samsung Galaxy S III Inside

Samsung Galaxy S III - Inside

Galaxy S III runs on a Quad-core processor, which is a very fast processor. You get lots of RAM. A powerful quad-core Exynos chip makes the phone a yardstick for 2012 Android. Users enjoy an increased clock speed of 65 % higher than the phone’s predecessor. 1GB RAM keeps things zipping along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy S III Features

Samsung Galaxy S III - Features

The camera is strong enough to make a basic point-and-shoot. The batteries can stretch through the whole day. S Voice feature is essentially a counterpart to Apple’s Siri and works as a personal assistant. Galaxy S III will start dialing a contact when you open his details.

This is an incredibly useful feature. Get a high-resolution camera and fast mobile data support. Wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and Mobile Hotspot Tethering. The voice and face recognition technologies have been intelligently designed for everyday use.

Because of overwhelming demand and a manufacturing faults with the blue variant of the phone, there was an extensive shortage of the S III, especially in the United States. However, the S III was well-received commercially and critically, with some technology commentators referring to it as “iPhone killer”.

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