6 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on iPhone

privacy on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has been already termed the phone of the century due to the functioning and privacy on iPhone. This superphone is indeed a miracle and is placed at the highest position among all the other kinds of smartphones. iPhone operates with operating system popularly known as iOS. If something goes wrong with the iOS, then the working system of the whole iPhone gets disrupted.

How to Keep Privacy on iPhone

Android is another operating system apart from the iOS on which the smartphones are so fully dependent. Hence, like the Android-operated smartphones, iPhone is also vulnerable to cyber threats and in turn, also makes its user exposed to the vast cyber world and its fair share of threats. Although the manufacturer, as well as iOS, does an outstanding job to protect a user’s privacy and security on iPhone, there are some small yet significant yet crucial steps that ought to be taken on the user’s side to further strengthening and tightening the privacy on iPhone.

In this article, we will discuss a few useful and effective tips that will definitely help you to protect your privacy on iPhone. Now, one of the fun and exciting part of having an iPhone is the various mobile apps, fun games, being able to take high-quality photos and many more. But, while doing this, often unknowingly we expose ourselves not only to the various cyber threats but also sometimes, we jeopardize our privacy.

1. iPhone Safety Features

Although iPhone gives top most priority and preference to the user’s privacy, still those features are sometimes not sufficient to shield our privacy given that we handle our mobile transactions, handle our emails, access its messaging service and social networking sites.

Hence, only the auto lock facility on your iPhone may not serve the purpose altogether and you need to take help of certain iOS supported mobile apps like Leomaster to safeguard your privacy on iPhone.

Also, talking about using various mobile apps on the iPhone, one should not download any third party apps and should always buy mobile apps from the iTunes store. Also, you should be aware of the apps who asks for your personal information other than your iTunes password during your downloading process.

No authenticated mobile apps on the iPhone will ask for any sort of your personal information.

It is further recommended to use very strong, very hard to guess and unique/weird password for your Apple account and change it quarterly.

2. Biometric Identification Feature

Apart from using the help of mobile apps, one can also alter or use certain features on their iPhone to ensure added Protect Your privacy over the same. If you have iPhone 5s, then instead of using 4 digit passcode, you can use the biometric identification to increase and ensure a higher degree of privacy on iPhone. Doing so will make very much difficult to guess your iPhone access code for any potential person with criminal intention or a hacker.

3. Screen notifications

Screen notifications are a known feature of your iPhone. But, it can also jeopardize your privacy in certain cases and circumstances. Hence, you can switch off lock screen display of notifications in your iPhone. This will make impossible for anyone to see your notifications and obviously will add and protect your privacy on iPhone. This is a very easy step to do.

You can go to the settings section of your iPhone-then to the id verification/passcode section –then turning off the allow access when locked tab.

4. Two Factor Authentication

“Phishing” refers to fraudulent attempts to get personal information from you, such as your Apple ID password or credit card information, usually through an email or text message.

The request may appear to be from a legitimate company or individual, but it’s not. Turning on two step verification and authentication process for both iCloud and Apple id will enhance security and privacy features of your iPhone.

5. Turn Siri off

Last, but not the least, turning off Siri on your lock screen is also a wise step in order to protect your privacy on iPhone.

6. Privacy Information Screens

Apple Inc has introduced new data and privacy information screens that make it easier than ever to understand how Apple will use your personal information before you sign in or start using new features. When you see the data and privacy icon, you’ll find helpful information on what data may be shared and how it will be used to improve your experience.

Child’s Privacy on iPhone

User can set parental controls and restrictions on iphone to limit the websites your children explore, kind of movies they watch, their access to FaceTime and Camera, and even their ability to download third-party apps. Since parental controls and restrictions are device specific, Apple encourage you to set them for each device your child uses.


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