Pokemon Go Review: The New Age Augmented Reality Game

Pokemon Go Review

Mobile video games today not only focus on the gameplay, but on the experience. Pokemon Go has managed to attract large number of players with its innovative and refreshing concept where the game merges with the real world locations.

Pokemon Go Review

The concept is interestingly clever where gamers have to walk to real world locations called PokeStops which are marked on the map to get the items that they need in order to complete the next move and proceed with the game and gain some XP. In short, the overall experience of the game depends on the environment in the real world and therefore Pokemon Go based on augmented reality might offer different experience to different users around the world.

Pokemon go

The game is available on Android and iOS platform and there are many who are already becoming addicted to it. However, when you start the game there is little in the tutorial about how you need to go about playing the game and how you can improve your gaming experience. The game battles are usually separated between battles with wild Pokemon and are Gym Leaders. Battling with wild Pokemon involves various mini games that do not involve too much of strategy, but with Gym Leaders you need to have the right kind of game and battle strategy.

While the game can be played right within the comfort of your home, venturing out in the streets certainly elevates the gaming experience. However, talking about that the app itself is still in the developing process and therefore is might stutter at some locations and situations leading to some amount of dissatisfaction. Currently, the app has no trading feature and no player versus player battles, no leaderboards and lacks social capabilities. While the game is certainly making up as one of the best free Android apps there are still many features that need to be incorporated.


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