Think Platform Gaming is Dead? Think Again

Platform gaming

Ah, think back to a simpler time in Platform gaming; where the humble side scroller ruled the roost and set the standard for video games. Think back to the likes of Super Mario Bros, who revolutionized the gaming industry.

Platform Gaming

It wasn’t unheard of for all the best platformers gaming, action-adventure, and even puzzle games. Now? Not so much. Not anymore. Somewhere along the way, side-scrolling gave way to 3D and the open world. And while the nature of video games have come an awfully long way, there’s still no nostalgia kick quite like a classic side-scroller, is there?

Thanks to the relatively low-budget nature of independent games, platform gaming are still alive and well. Luckily for us. To illustrate this point, we’ve highlighted the best contemporary platform gaming that you need to try out for yourself. And we’re starting things off with a modern classic. Stay tuned, it’s a doozy.

1. Shovel Knight

There isn’t quite a feelgood story quite like Shovel Knight. The classic side-scrolling platform game came to existence thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. When it hit the shelves in June 2014, it’s easy to see why people were so eager for it. Initially released for PC, 3DS and Wii, the game clearly drew inspiration from the classic Nintendo platformers of the 90s.

It’s extremely difficult not to fall instantly in love with this quirky little platform game. Sure, it may not have the all-action gameplay of modern games, but it has a certain charm to it nonetheless. What Shovel Knight does better than other games is focus on fun gameplay and a compelling story. It’s simple, brilliant, and effective.

2. Maplestory 2

The sequel to 2003’s Maplestory has been a long time in the making. The South Korean MMORPG developed something of a cult following its initial release over a decade ago. Since then, it’s made its way to Europe and North America, but it certainly took its time. Still, it’s quite the achievement, given many Korean games fail to make the crossover to Western gaming culture.

Maple Story 2

The follow-up is just as anticipated. With improved graphics and an intricate level design, it looks set to be just as charming as the original. With any luck, we won’t have to wait as long for it to find some kind of prominence. You can download Maplestory 2 fast online, but, be warned; you may waste a lot of time playing it.

3. Terraria

What is the only logical progression for the platform genre in the current gaming climate? An open-ended world, of course. That’s exactly what Terraria brings to the table, and it does it so well. Replay value is perhaps its chief characteristic, with randomly generated levels providing endless fun.

The game itself is far more innovative than it’s given credit for. Combining elements of combat, exploration, and crafting, it’s more like a modern game trapped in a vintage world. Terraria does for platform gaming what Minecraft has done for the sandbox genre. Resurrect a dying genre. And we sincerely hope there’s more to come.

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