Now, Whatsapp desktop application

Whatsapp desktop application

Whatsapp desktop application Over 600 million people using WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application, have another choice to make. WhatsApp is now available on the Desktop version. It is really a boon to people who are tired of typing messages on the tiny and perplexing keyboard on the mobile phone. Now people sitting before Desktop’s need not require mobile phones and the same messaging can be done through the desktop, utilizing the normal computer keyboard. It is so convenient to use WhatsApp while in the office without bothering to use an additional device. This utility is long due from WhatsApp, finally come out with, for rampant use of the application.

Whatsapp desktop application

Whatsapp web

There is a process to use it on the Desktop. One has to take the picture of the QR code on the mobile phone with verification though SMS and phone number. This facility currently works for Android. Blackberry and Windows phone, but due to technology limitations IOS users are left out. But the weirdest thing is that mobile phone should always be ‘switched on’ to use it on the Desktop.

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