What is Nano Sim? and Where did Nano Sim Originate from?

    Nano Sim Card

    To start with presented toward the finish of 2012. Nano SIM has been gradually assuming control from small-scale SIM cards that themselves assumed control from the little SIM (or standard SIM). Which must be found in more seasoned telephones, for example, the iPhone 6s.

    Where did Nano SIM cards originate from?

    While smaller scale SIM cards are essentially chopped down variants of little SIM cards, the Nano SIM was planned particularly to help eliminate space in new cell phones. Along these lines, while the outline is similar to the smaller scale SIM, it is in actuality altogether different. Sim cards are necessary to verify you social networks like Snapchat, Whatsapp and facebook etc.

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    What’s the future of SIMs?

    As smartphones continue on their quest to become ever thinner, it seems likely that SIM cards will shrink even further or perhaps be done away with completely to be integrated into devices at the point of manufacture.

    Whatever comes for SIMs in the future, we’re sure that smartphones are only going to get better, faster, and (hopefully) stronger.

    As should be obvious, the Nano SIM (4FF) lessens the measure of the SIM successfully to the gold contact region and has scarcely enough additional protecting “card” around it to anticipate electrical shorts.

    Trimming a Mini or Micro SIM to Nano SIM

    Nowadays, it isn’t hard to acquire a Nano SIM card – or a 3-in-1 SIM card that can be utilized as a Nano SIM – specifically from a transporter. Be that as it may, in the event that it is more helpful for reasons unknown, a Mini or Micro SIM additionally can be chopped down to the Nano SIM measure for use in the material iPad and iPhone models.

    It is very conceivable to cut a Mini SIM or Micro SIM down to the Nano SIM measure with a sharp combine of scissors or an extremely sharp edge and there are formats intended for people inspired by doing as such. Nonetheless, given the especially tight resilience around the contact region on the Nano SIM, it isn’t amazing that the Internet is covered with remarks from individuals who demolished their SIM card during the time spent endeavoring to chop it around the hand.

    Trimming a Mini or Micro SIM to Nano SIM

    It’s Easy to cut it down

    In principle, the cut SIM additionally ought to be “sanded down” to decrease its thickness, however, numerous Mini or Micro SIM cards are sufficiently thin as of now to fit in the standard Nano SIM bearer without the need to do as such. Instead of taking a lot of time and hazard annihilating your current SIM card by chopping it around the hand, and experts firmly suggests acquiring a legitimate Nano SIM shaper.

    A Nano SIM shaper makes it simple – line up the card effectively and press the handle. It’s adequately an indistinguishable procedure from utilizing a handheld embosser and regardless of whether you view your chance as irrelevant, it costs about an indistinguishable sum from fouling up a solitary SIM card attempting to cut it by hand.

    Endorser Identity Module cards, or SIM cards as they’re all the more generally known, are utilized to distinguish your gadget on a system and Nano SIM cards are the littlest SIM cards at present accessible. They are presently extremely across the board, particularly among cell phones.

    Supplanting your SIM

    In case you’re overhauling your telephone from one that has a small scale SIM to one that takes a Nano SIM, at that point your exclusive alternative is to purchase another SIM card. You can at present keep your number by exchanging it over, yet you won’t have the capacity to utilize your old SIM.

    One thing that you totally ought not to do is chopped down your smaller scale SIM to attempt and make it fit into a Nano SIM space. This ended up prevalent when they were first presented in the iPhone 5 as Nano SIMs were difficult to get hold of, however chopping down a SIM card risks breaking the card totally as you are slicing through copper hardware, and in addition plastic packaging.

    Regardless of whether you managed to chop it down effectively, nano SIMs are really a reasonable piece more slender than smaller scale SIMs so constraining a chop down miniaturized scale SIM into a nano SIM opening could without much of a stretch break your telephone.

    Going the other way in reality, simple as there is currently an extensive variety of connectors accessible to enable you to utilize Nano SIMs in a miniaturized scale or smaller than expected SIM space, so you can utilize your new Nano SIM contract on your more seasoned opened telephone.

    Nano Sim

    What do Nano SIMs resemble?

    Nano SIMs are a reasonable piece littler than the past small-scale SIMS at only 12.3 × 8.8 × 0.67mm. Not just have they cut down on the plastic encompassing the incorporated circuit. They have additionally chopped down the extent of the genuine circuit itself. They’ve likewise made the entire thing around 15% more slender.

    Basically, all that is left after this lessening is the contact region and a little edge of segregating material that encompasses it to keep away from any shortcircuiting.

    What’s the eventual fate of SIMs?

    As cell phones proceed on their journey to end up ever more slender, it appears to be likely that SIM cards will contract significantly further or maybe be discarded totally to be incorporated into gadgets at the purpose of production.

    Whatever wants SIMs, later on, we’re certain that cell phones are just going to show signs of improvement, quicker, and (ideally) more grounded.

    Types of SIM Card

    There are by and large three sorts of SIM card still being used today. There’s a Standard SIM, a littler Micro SIM and a significantly littler Nano SIM. The sort you’ll require depends completely on the handset you’ve purchased, in spite of the fact that there are ways you can make a SIM work with whatever telephone you have.

    Standard SIM

    The most established of the three kinds of SIM is by and large utilized as a part of all handsets before 2010 and some issued from that point. It is the biggest of the three SIMs composes, estimating 25x15mm. It’s currently uncommon to see a Standard SIM card space in new gadgets, in spite of the fact that it is in some cases found on essential element telephones.

    Miniaturized scale SIM

    The main genuine distinction between the SIM measures is the span of the plastic around the microchip. The Micro SIM was produced as a feature of the perpetual mission to make cell phones slimmer and lighter and measures 15x12mm.

    Smaller scale SIMs, presented in 2010, still show up in some new handsets.

    Nano SIM Uses

    Numerous more up to date cell phones now utilize the Nano SIM standard presented in 2012. The most current gadgets from Samsung and others all element this opening which measures 12.3×8.8mm

    Combi SIM Uses

    The Combi SIM is a Micro SIM card inside a Standard SIM-sized unit, so in the event that you require the little size of the card, you simply split the extra plastic far from around the Micro SIM card. This kind of card enables systems to provide food for more telephone clients with a solitary card. The greater part of the compensation as-you-go SIM cards you purchase from accommodation stores works under this arrangement as they’re more valuable to more clients.

    Benefits of Nano SIM

    Nano SIM is the fourth era of SIM card innovation. These are known as 4 FF and miniaturized scale smaller scale SIM. They are around 60% littler than consistent SIM cards and 40% littler than smaller scale SIM cards or 3 FF and are around 15% less in thickness.

    The SIM will perform everything similar to that of normal SIM cards and miniaturized scale SIM cards and are right now under the supervision of ETSI for institutionalization. News are spilled from unverified sources that the proposed outline of Nano SIM is displayed by Apple and might be the up and coming age of iPhones accompanies a particular Nano SIM plans.

    Nano SIM will be perfect to perform everything precisely like current SIM cards however there is a major favorable position that is just piece of Nano SIM. The similarly little size of these SIM enables space for technologists to make future advancements in the field of media transmission. A portion of the normal advantages of Nano Sims can be.

    Extensive Batteries and Capacity

    Little SIM cards certainly due to its little sizes cover a little space and permit some free space for different employments. Huge batteries are one of them, with Nano SIM a bigger battery can be utilized which will increment in battery lifetime. Nano SIM additionally enables makers to offer some additional space in memory and in this manner will make you ready to appreciate the more stockpiling place for your imperative information.

    Thin telephones

    A little size and less thickness of Nano SIM will bring forth more thin and smooth media transmission gadgets. Thin and smooth cell phones are looking extraordinary as well as in the meantime adding a style articulation to its proprietor. Thin cell phones are anything but difficult to convey and simple to work.


    Nano SIM has a nearly high well-being in the correlation with other SIM cards. These cards will arrive in a protected bundle that will particularly outline for them. The client will ready to put their Nano SIM in those pressing after utilize and this will shield the card from harm and be losing. Another in addition to the purpose of its bundling is that it will be 100% earth agreeable and thus you will appreciate the most recent innovation without hurting your environment.


    Numerous individuals may imagine that with the creation of Nano Sims and most recent models planned with a perspective of Nano SIM size should stop utilization of all previous cell phones since they all have spaces reasonable for standard Sims and small-scale Sims.

    Similarly, as with the creation of small-scale Sims, individuals had a choice to cut their general Sims by means of SIM shaper to make them miniaturized scale Sims additionally have a choice to utilize Nano SIM as customary SIM by utilizing SIM connectors. In this way, there is no compelling reason to purchase most recent and costly nano SIM telephones.

    New eSIM Card

    The new iPhone Xs has been launched with new eSIM. An eSIM or an electronic, or embedded, SIM is the SIM technology that is built right into your phone. This small chip is used to authenticate your identity with your carrier.

    New technology always bring some questions, like in normal scenario if you want to change the carrier, you can simply switch your SIM. So does a built-in SIM or virtual SIM mean that you have to switch phones?

    The Answer is, no. In fact, one of the biggest advantage of eSIM technology is that it makes it much easier to switch carriers. Instead of putting new SIM, you can switch to a new carrier straight from your smartphone. The eSIM technology supports multiple accounts, if you’re a dual-SIM user, and switching between them is super easy.

    So now we can confidently say that eSIM is the next step in SIM evolution.


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