Mobile App Testing Tools: Top 8 Tools for Android and IOS Apps Testing

Mobile App Testing Tools

Mobile apps have taken the digital world by storm; business owners utilize these applications for promotion and marketing of their businesses for an increased outreach. However, to render a smooth and tension free user experience, the mobile apps must be bug-free. For developers, there are different mobile app testing tools to ensure bug free fun mobile apps.

Best Mobile App Testing Tools

Let’s discuss top 8 mobile app testing tools that are popularly used by developers and testers worldwide.


Calabash uses two libraries one to handle iOS apps and the other to manage Android apps. It lets quality assurance experts to test both native and hybrid mobile apps. User test cases are written in a natural human language and can be tested within different frameworks. The tool is compatible with Java, Ruby, Flex, in addition to several other programming languages.

Appium Mobile App Testing Tools

 Appium Mobile App Testing Tools

Appium is an open source mobile test automation tool allowing developers to automate cross-platform app testing. This is one of the top mobile app testing tools that is available on both Android and iOS devices and uses HTTP server to manage WebDriver sessions. This makes it compatible with several app development frameworks that employ HTTP request. The app code does not require alterations and runs easily across iOS and Android devices. Hybrid and web apps can also be tested using Appium ensuring mobile App speed and security.

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Selendroid does not modify code and uses WebDriver API and Selenium 2 for android app testing. The tool can be used on multiple devices and emulators simultaneously. It also offers hot-swapping device in addition to an inspection component to record device UI as a test case creation.

UI Automator

UI Automator

UI Automator lets testers examine Android UI by creating UI test cases. The script is written using JavaScript, and UIAutomatorView is used for examining and running the test results. The tool also allows recreation of complicated user action sets in addition to native device buttons.

Robotium Mobile App Testing Tools for Androids


Robotium mainly focuses on Android UI testing. Available as an open source library, it is used to conduct black box testing for native, web and hybrid applications. The library can be used in combination with TestDroid recorder to create JavaScript test scripts, traversing the UI of the app in question. A library extension is also available for free that allows multipath dragging and scaling across different mobile display resolutions.

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Frank employs Cucumber and JSON to test both iOS based apps and android based apps. It also provide HTML5 app testing. The link server tests the mobile app by interpreting JSON and further uses UISpec to finish the testing process. Frank is mostly suitable across web-based apps and emulators and does not require changes in the app code.



Stands for Keep it Functional, KIF is another open source framework used to test iOS mobile apps. The tool has built-in Accessibility APIs to simulate the real user interactions. Test cases are written in conventional Objective-C familiar to iOS developers but not the testers; however the growing popularity of Apple’s Swift has limited its use.

Using the aforementioned mobile app testing tools help testers and developers to stay on top of the latest trends in mobile apps.


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