How Tron Seeks to Become the Major Cryptocurrency Platform

Cryptocurrency Platform

The emergence of smart contracts, combined with the ability to use decentralized applications with blockchain technology, has shifted the overall mission of cryptocurrency platform from finance to creating a more secure and private internet. Whether it’s focused on the internet as a whole or certain functions within the internet, there’s a growing need for decentralization in all aspects of technology, making the internet the obvious next step.

Within this revolution, several platforms have been released that sought to become the one and only cryptocurrency platform for this usage. However, there is only one that we are going to be discussing today: Tron.

What is Tron Cryptocurrency Platform?

Tron is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that seeks to connect content creators and content consumers directly to each other. Rather than use services that allow consumers to view creator content for a fee, which makes viewing content costly for consumers and also takes away revenue from content creators, Tron cuts out the middleman and connects consumers and creators by decentralizing the network. This allows content creators to develop their own applications that consumers connect to directly when they use the Tron cryptocurrency platform.

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Tron’s cryptocurrency, which is named Tronix, powers the network by being the main payment method that consumers use to view creator content. Once Tron is exchanged from user to creator, creators can then take this payment and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies, for their native fiat currency, or they can choose to use those payments to continue to create content on the platform by paying for the network’s services. At the time of writing, the Tron price or the price of Tronix is estimated to be $0.02 per token and the overall market capitalization is at approximately $1.5 billion.

Benefits of the Tron Platform

Tron aims to become one of the major cryptocurrency platforms and it isn’t too far fetched of an idea, considering some of the benefits that users and creators have when using their platform. The biggest advantage that Tron has over similar platforms is that it gives full control of content back to creators and users. Unlike services that we currently see, creators can develop whatever content they want and provide it at the prices they want, giving them complete control over content production and allowing them to keep all of their profits. Users no longer have to go through intrusive distributor services and can directly purchase content from creators and support them.

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In addition to the platform’s desirable mission, there are also several other advantages that have made the platform successful. The first being that the founder of the platform was the first official representative of Ripple, which managed to increase visibility and backing for the Tron platform. Another advantage is that the platform is extremely well-developed and has already displayed its ability to remove control from centralized delivery systems and become a fully decentralized network focused on control.

Eventually, the Tron network seeks to become the decentralized network for app developers, content creators, and content consumers. By eliminating the middleman and directly connecting creators and consumers, the Tron network creates a system that is profitable and more connective than the services on the internet that are currently provided today. Can Tron become the next major cryptocurrency platform? Given its current success and overall achievements in the cryptocurrency industry today, the project may become the next big thing if it continues to move forward as is. However, only time will tell as the project continues to be developed.


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