Is Paradise Without Internet Services Still Paradise?

DSL Internet Services

Hawaii has more beautiful beaches and better weather than most parts of the United States, but when it comes to dsl Internet services, the options are limited.

DSL Internet Services

As idyllic as it seems to unplug the phone and forget about checking the email, technology is still important, and everyone in Hawaii needs to stay connected. Finding a reliable Internet connection is even a problem for many tourists and timeshare guests. Nearly 10 years ago, travelers were importing remote dial-up access numbers to use while vacationing, and the whole world knows how slow dial-up is for everyday use. Fortunately, there are a few more Internet services options available in paradise today.

DSL and Dial-up

DSL and dial-up are only available if you have a local landline. Homeowners with properties that are too far away from telecom stations won’t be able to get DSL and won’t have the same bandwidth or reliability. The Hawaiian Islands have been connected to the mainland since the early 1900s when the first trans-pacific telecommunications cables were installed. Although these lines have been upgraded and replaced, they aren’t exactly outstanding. In most areas, Hawaii Internet speed for DSL is up to 7 Mbps. With DSL and cable, Internet speeds depend on your proximity to local telecommunications systems.

Cable & Fiber Internet

If you get cable TV, you can also enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, these services aren’t available everywhere. Standard cable Internet services will give you excellent bandwidth. If you have access to fiber-optic cable, your bandwidth will be greater, and your service will be more reliable in adverse weather. Speeds for basic cable Internet are typically comparable to a high-speed DSL connection. Supercharged speed upgrades that can boost bandwidth significantly are also available. With fiber-optic cable, Internet speeds are typically twice as fast. Some Internet providers also give customers access to free Wi-Fi service in selected hot spots.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is a popular option for people who live and work in populated areas. With a Hawaii phone and wireless Internet services provider, subscribers can operate devices at home or on-the-go using the same connection. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get complete coverage even on Oahu, and service on Lanai or Molokai is virtually nonexistent. If you’re considering wireless Internet, remember that most parts of Hawaii use second and third generation technology and only a few areas have 4G capabilities.


In cases where residents are too far from their local cable or telephone systems to receive a strong signal, satellite Internet is a convenient option. The average Hawaii Internet speed for satellite connections is 10 times faster than dial-up, but it’s generally not possible to stream videos or complete other high-bandwidth activities.

If the Internet is a requisite part of your personal paradise, take the time to pick the best service option for you. Things that are important to consider are how you use the Internet, where you use it and how often you use it. If you have a landline, you can ask your Hawaii phone provider if Internet services or package bundles are available. In Hawaii, you might not be able to get the Internet option that you prefer, but that’s part of living in paradise.

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