iPhone X (iPhone 8) Review

iPhone 8 Review

Do you realize it’s been ten years since the iPhone was introduced? Surely Apple will do something REALLY exciting to celebrate the occasion in the form of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Review

They’ve been doing amazingly  well on the stock market recently and the anticipation of the iPhone 8 only seems to be adding to this success, you can stay updated on news such as this using the CMC Markets website, app or even amazon echo. Let’s read on and learn all there is to know about the upcoming iPhone due to be released in September.

A significant upgrade from the previous models

If you suppose it will be just a boring spin on the iPhone, think again: this is slated to be a major redesign. Sometime later in 2017, we’ll likely see a new model that looks very different from the past iterations. We’re hoping to see a device predominantly made of glass, without any bezel around the screen. There’s a good chance a new OLED display technology will be introduced in this model, as well as some interesting twists on the tried and true iPhone experience such as a new type of Home button. Additionally, we’re hoping to see wireless charging and significant improvements in terms of processing power.

What’s so interesting about an OLED display?

You might have heard about a new type of OLED display, which is made of flexible plastic that allows creating even thinner devices. Not only that, this new type of screen will likely introduce significant improvements in terms of energy consumption. Picture quality will be sharper than ever, with superior color quality and unprecedented contrast ratio. Using this technology, it should be possible to create curved screens with touch sensibility.

Edge-to-edge screen with a new style of Home Button

A likely selling point for the iPhone 8 will be its perfectly edge-to-edge display, without any bezel on any side – even the top and bottom. We suspect the new model will actually do without the iconic home button, instead relying on a 100% touch display with a reserved area for virtual buttons. It’s possible the bottom of the screen will now feature a virtual home button, touch ID and camera.

In simple terms, they’re working hard to introduce a new iPhone that looks as close as possible to a sheet of glass. You can expect the new model to sport a screen as big as the iPhone 7 (5.5”) built on a frame as small as previous models with 4.7” displays, thanks to the new edge-to-edge technology.

Three rumored iPhone 8 models

The iPhone 8 may be released in three flavors, aimed at pleasing different budgets. The premium version will likely sport a seductive but likely very expensive 5+ inch OLED screen, whereas the two lower end models should resort to conventional LCD screens (available in two different sizes). Common features to all three versions should be the glass body, wireless charging, Nano-SIM and possibly the use of a curve style of edge-to-edge display.

As you can see there’s much to be excited about, if you’re someone who is looking forward to buy a new iPhone this year. The latest model will introduce significant improvements from the previous models, and Apple will likely spare no efforts to create something truly notable to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone brand.

Other interesting features

The expected processor for the iPhone 8 is the latest A11 chip that is made on a 10-nanometer scale. This processor will not only be faster, but also introduce some interesting features such as wireless charging and improved bio-metric recognition.

Just like the iPhone 7, the new device is expected to be water proof – and we suspect its water resistance rating will be higher. Not only will this device be unperturbed by rain, splashes and quick submersion, it may now be possible to leisurely take underwater photos.

Rather than sticking to the Lightning port that was featured in previous models, there’s a good chance they’ll switch to the newest USB-C standard.

Camera quality should be another improvement for the new model, with rumors of dual lenses and improved image stabilization. This could make it possible to shoot 3D pictures as well as calculating depth distances and using the latest available iris recognition technology.


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