Apple iPad Mini Review

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini may not have created that strong buzz as compared to iPad 4. But after taking a close look at iPad mini, it was a bit of surprise as it surpassed many of the expectations of the buyers. Serving with usefulness and purpose, the new Apple iPad Mini takes care of the limitations faced by users earlier. The most common issues were size, weight and portability factors.

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Apple iPad Mini Review

Let us take a look at iPad Mini review and find out if it is able to address those common issues faced by the users:

Apple iPad mini Outside

Mini does face competition from the biggest players in the world such as Google and Amazon, but what makes it different from others is its design and looks. The craftsmanship is superb and those rounded edges take design nods from the iPhone5. It is well-built and gives you a good feeling when you hold it in your hand. It is light and just compact enough to fit in a back pocket. The stereo speakers are placed on the bottom edge and look neat. the LED-backlit 7.9-inch, 1024×768 resolution screen in the Mini is the most talked about feature. Colors and brightness are satisfactory and the screen gives you loads of viewing space.

Apple iPad mini Inside

Apple iPad Mini - Inside

The Mini runs on a dual-core A5 processor, but it is speedy and powers polygons remarkably.

Apple iPad Mini Features

Facebooking, photo viewing and web browsing, make for a pleasurable experience on the Mini. The 5MP rear camera is good but not a challenge to meet the optical oomph of dedicated cameras. The Mini It’s less weighty than the bigger iPad and is capable of giving you great gaming experience.

Apple iPad Mini - Features

Processor-hungry apps like interactive media and iPhoto will work well on iPad Mini. The storage options are up to 64Gb and it carries the wireless capability and Bluetooth 4. Stereo speaker quality is good and the virtual keyboard is easier to handle. Battery life in Mini is the best till date with 10 hours decent use.

iPad Mini is undeniably the best looking and, best built compact tablet on the market for the price. Only it is thinner and lighter and yet has a screen that is bigger than its two main competitors, Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 10.

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