How Your Phone Can Save Your Identity

Phone Identity

Phone identity theft has become much more apparent in today’s society with hackers and technological glitches that can cause people’s lives to be ruined. Your phone could easily be a victim to this as well if you don’t take care of its security. However, your smartphone can also be a great weapon towards identity theft if you know how to use it. Special forms of verification can stop a hacker or thief from trying to access your phone which possesses sensitive information about yourself. Combining verification techniques can also be a fail safe way of protecting your Phone identity.

Protect Phone Identity

Two factor verification is a form of verification which involves two forms of verification before access can be granted. The first form of authentication can be a password, PIN, or a security question answer. Another layer of authentication can then be utilized. The second form of authentication involves using a Smartcard, ID Badge, USB Key or a One-time Password Device. With two layers of authentication, you can be positive that your identity is safe.

Two Layered Authentication

Your phone can be a route of using the second form of authentication. Since there is a need for two layers of authentication, your phone could be utilized for the One-time Password Device that secures the second line of authentication. Phone verification has been used with e-mail companies, online paying services like Paypal etc. Your phone identity is a fantastic resource to protect your data and ensure you don’t disclose your personal information to a hacker that is in it for the money. This method could include you having to identify phone numbers which is easy and quick. Using your phone is a quick way to save yourself from identity theft when you have the opportunity to use this method of authentication.

With two layers of authentication, it is basically impossible for a hacker to infiltrate your sensitive data. The two layers provide adequate protection and a feeling of safety for you that your data is not being shared with anyone other than yourself. Authentication could not be easier with two layers of protection. A password and a phone together in the verification process provides more than needed protection which is a great resource to have.

Update Your OS or iOS

Always update your phone’s most current updates. Operating systems like (Andriod, or iOS and Windows), are updated often, between new versions. Smartphones update their OS, especially to cope with leaks that hackers may have discovered. You can get an update from your smartphone directly, or you can synch your smartphone with your computer, to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest update. It’s a simple way to stay safe.

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Be Careful with Mobile Apps

Think twice before downloading an app! Make sure you’re downloading from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Both forums always verify the authenticity of the mobile apps they’re offering. Yet, somehow smartphone user could be tricked into clicking on an unwanted app that looks cool and inviting.

Read the description carefully to know what you’re getting into. For instance, if an app asks to link to other applications containing your personal information, don’t accept it. Never download apps via text message, that is the best way for hackers to infect your device with malware. Only click those links that go to the legitimate app store.

Free Wi-Fi Could be the Culprit

Be cautious of unsecured wireless networks. When you switch from your carrier’s Internet service to a free Wi-Fi connection, you run the risk of putting your data out there for hackers. Many Wi-Fi networks that you might assume are “secured” are not. When you switch to Wi-Fi, be sure you’re actually using the public connection owned by a business.

Hackers will go into crowded areas, open their own free wireless “hotspots” using a realistic sounding name. Once you connect, they can steal your private data from your smartphone.



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