How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, the rumor mill is constantly working, bringing new leaked images with upcoming devices more often than everybody expects. Still, there are a few manufacturers whose flagships manage to keep the front page every year. Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of them.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Even from the beginning of the year, information about it was present all over the Internet, alongside images with the actual handset. Still, it’s been officially launched now and you finally managed to get your hands on it.

Besides the impressive specs and design, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is able to surprise from another point of view as well: the price. It definitely doesn’t come for cheap and the most reliable method of getting one is with a two-year contract. Sound familiar, right?

Even though you got it for a better price, your phone still has an ‘issue’, being locked on a specific network, forbidding you to use it with any carrier you want. There’s no need to worry though, as there’s a very easy way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7!

Most likely, you’ve heard about a few unlocking methods, but here we’re talking about unlocking it by code, of course, which beside being easy, as there’s no need to have any technical knowledge in order to do it, it’s also the safest method out there.

But wait, why should I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S7 after all?

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

Like mentioned above, you will have the freedom of using your phone with any carrier you want. You never know when a better offer comes up, so why not be able to switch from a network to another with ease?

Secondly, it’s a way of avoiding those expensive roaming fees. No matter if you’re traveling or you’re planning to temporarily move to another country, making calls back home can cost you a fortune. An unlocked phone gives you the possibility of using a local SIM and saving money.

Finally, let’s not forget that you will sell your phone eventually. An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 will be way more interesting, not to mention that you can ask for more money for it. See, you have plenty of advantages!

How does the whole unlocking process work?

The process is very easy, as everything you need to do is find a reliable unlock code provider, receive the code and insert it in your phone. Still, let’s talk about each step, in order to make things clearer.

1. Find an unlock code provider

Find an unlock code are two of the most reliable unlocking sites that can help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7. In order to obtain the code, you need to provide the following information

  • a valid email address, where you will receive the code
  • the IMEI of your phone, which can be found by dialing *#06#
  • the country and the network your S7 is currently locked on

2. Receive the code

Shortly after, depending on your phone’s network and IMEI, you will receive an email with the Samsung Galaxy S7 unlock code and additional instructions on how to use it.

3. Insert the unlock code in your phone

Make sure you have a SIM from an unsupported network around before using the code. For example, if your phone is locked on AT&T, a T-Mobile SIM is perfect. Insert it in your phone and wait for a message like “SIM network unlock PIN” to be displayed.

Using the keyboard, insert the code you received and tap the “Unlock” button. After this, the “Unlock successful” message will be displayed and your phone will be ready to be used with the new carrier.

Attention: If your Internet connection isn’t working, contact your new carrier and ask for the APN settings.

Finally, we should mention that there are indeed other methods of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S7, like rooting or asking your carrier to do it for you.

If rooting requires proper documentation and it should be done by somebody experienced, not to mention that there’s a risk of totally damaging your phone, asking your carrier to unlock a phone can be a timely process and expensive in the same time. Therefore, a Samsung Galaxy S7 unlock code is definitely one of the best investments you can make.

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