How to Prepare Your E-commerce Site for 2019

ecommerce site

More and more businesses are entering the e-commerce scene this year. Business owners with great ideas can now open their own online storefronts in minutes and start connecting with potential customers just as quickly. Once the e-commerce site is set up, it is all about marketing and reaching the right target customers.

Key Features of E-commerce Site

There is no doubt that the e-commerce landscape will get even more competitive in 2019. There is nothing wrong with investing more in marketing to gain exposure, but you must not forget about on-site optimizations and customer experience. To help prepare your e-commerce site for the competitive year of 2019, here are some of the things you can do.

Shorten Your Checkout Process…

Optimizing the checkout process is how you reduce – or even eliminate – dropped carts. There are a lot of customers that will abandon their shopping carts at the first sign of a disruption in the customer experience flow. Optimizing the checkout process is how you avoid this issue.

Optimizing the checkout process means keeping it simple and short. Instead of forcing customers to sign up for an account or go through pages of form fields, you need to keep the entire checkout flow simple and straight forward; let customers complete their purchases in one or two steps.

…and Make It Less Daunting

How you approach the checkout process is also important. You want it to be less daunting or intimidating for customers, even when you need to get sufficient data to know more about them. Fortunately, there are more ways to get around this issue.

If you need to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) standards as a requirement, for example, you no longer have to ask customers to enter details such as their Social Security Number. Instead, integrate Cognito and its ID verification service to your advantage. Cognito enables you to verify your customers in real time and only requires a phone number to get started.

Improve Your Search Feature

Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of delivering the information customers are looking for in a fast and intuitive manner. Most of the users coming to your site are looking for specific content. The best way to cater to them is by allowing them to find that content easily.

Aside from improving the navigation menu and adding parameters such as categories to your filters, you also want to have an intuitive search feature. Allow customers to sort search results and make sure your search tool is capable of finding the right content based on a few keywords.

Stay Transparent

Lastly, you want your e-commerce site to reflect your credibility as an online store. The way to do this is by putting forward transparency as a way to connect with the customers. Make sure fees and other charges are laid out clearly, and that they are always visible from the customers’ point of view.

Adding a floating shopping cart or allowing customers to see their totals by hovering over the Cart icon is a good way to start. Make sure your terms and conditions and other documentations also explain fees and other charges clearly.

These are small changes you can make today. However, they are the kind of small changes and optimizations that will make your e-commerce site even more competitive in 2019.


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