How to Improve Laptop Speed for Free

Improve Laptop Speed

How to improve laptop speed for free? is the question everyone ask when eventually any laptop slow down. This is frustrating and can become enraging if the problem is allowed to continue without intervention, but there is no need to panic.

How to Improve Laptop Speed

If the computer was fast once, then it stands to reason that it can be fast again. The problem is rarely hardware-related. In most instances, increasing speed happens with software changes that are free. Now, if you are chomping at the bit to get rid of old electronics consider selling your broken or obsolete netbook.

Have a Little Patience

Improving Laptop Speed performance requires a little patience, a little effort and some confidence. You can boost its performance even if you only possess rudimentary computer skills. Boosting laptop speed follow these few steps to increase your computer’s performance before you resort to data recovery services.

Hard Drive Space Clearance

Begin with reviewing all unused applications in the Windows Add/Remove Programs folder. One principal problem affecting computer performance is the amount of hard drive space available. To remove unwanted programs from the computer, simply sort the list of programs alphabetically or by size. Select the ones that you are certain you do not need and remove them. If you find background service programs that make a program open faster when activated, you might consider removing these because they reduce the system’s available resources.

Disk Cleanup Utility

The third strategy to improve laptop speed is to run a Disk Cleanup utility. This process removes obsolete files. Some typical files are Recycle Bin contents, memory purges from previous system crashes and temporary browser files. This will reclaim a significant amount of space for you if this is the first time it is engaged. At times, more than 2 Gigabytes of space is reclaimed.

De-fragment the Hard Drive

The fourth effort is to de-fragment the hard drive. This process removes obsolete files once programs have been uninstalled. This removes all residual data and eliminates split files and empty spaces, thereby enabling the computer to read data more efficiently.

When these are complete and it still is not as speedy as when fresh from the box, consider using older software versions if a particular program is uniquely sluggish. Some complicated programs like games with heavy graphics or some memory hog programs just consume copious amounts of system resources. Check to see that your computer meets hardware requirements with wiggle room. If not, then older versions might be the answer.

Advance PC Optimization Tools

The final task to execute is using the Advance PC optimization Tools. Optimization tools provide a simple solution to what may appear to be a complex problem. These programs fix all computer problems. They are ideal for those who are not as confident with technology and experience anxiety when expected to manually perform any of the tasks described above.


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