How 21st Century Technology Shaping up the Businesses?

21st Century Technology

Can you imagine operating your business without 21st Century technology? That would involve writing your book entries manually, sending letters instead of emails, conducting meetings more often to discuss petty issues, and a zillion other activities that technology and automation have now rendered unnecessary. It sounds like a living nightmare! So, why would you put your customers through it by forcing them to use traditional payment methods when they can use innovative payment systems offered by Merchant Account Solutions? This is the age of seamless electronic transfers via retail terminals, SmartSwipe-compatible phones, virtual terminals for hassle-free ecommerce payments, QuickBooks, and wireless terminals for those always on the move. There’s no cash involved; all payments are done electronically seamlessly and in a timely fashion.

21st Century Technology

But this isn’t the only way technology has changed business for the better. Here are a few more influences of technology that can be seen in businesses all over the world.

Digitally Yours

The digital world is expanding at a surprising pace. It used to be a small part designated to the C-suite. Now everyone is using the digital media to achieve their company’s objectives. From accounts management to marketing and from ERP to online meetings, the digital media is now the number one company asset making it more profitable as well as bringing ease for employees.


Another recent concept in the world of 21st Century technology and business is cloud computing. This allows you to virtually store all your company’s information on a cloud (hosted by a datacenter) that is remotely accessible by all. The data is available in real-time, enabling all company representatives to be on the same page at all times, particularly when dealing with clients.

Mobile Solutions

Although this one hasn’t been that recent, mobile solutions have gained massive popularity over the last few years. Everyone is looking for “smart” solutions to their business’s problems. Workers are connected to their workplace via smartphones and clouds. Not only this, even consumers are connected to companies through mobile solutions. This opens a lot of avenues for organizational betterment on the whole.


Everyone and everything these days is connected. The world of the internet makes everything possible. All calls, emails, messages, voicemails and other means of communication are accessible easily on phones, tablets and PCs. This means 24x7x365 days of connectivity offer valuable insights into the organizational structure and consumer behavior. As a business, there’s little left to imagine how this impacts business productivity and profitability.


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