10 Cool High Tech Gadgets for Home

gadgets for home

The best thing about living in the age of innovation is the endless array of high-tech gadgets for home. You can choose from creations that can help you save on time, make your house secure or contribute to the green movement by using energy efficient devices.

Cool Gadgets for Home

These gadgets and devices are inspired by the need for improvement on existing products or the lack thereof, and the fast pace of technological advances means that you can choose between upgrades, combination of systems or an integrated system that works for the whole house.

So here’s a list of 10 cool gadgets for home that can increase the IQ of your house:

1. Luna


Who wouldn’t want a bed that knows what time you are going to turn in and how warm/cosy you want to be? Luna can be integrated with other home systems like security or lighting. It can also monitor your sleep patterns and keep a check on your vitals without the need of any additional gadgets.

2. Loewe Invisio – The Transparent TV

Loewe Invisio The Transparent TV

Source: TNW

A must have for the modern living room. The Loewe Invisio, launched in 2011, consists of a transparent screen that blends in seamlessly with the surroundings and a base that contains the high-tech bits and pieces. Since then Apple, Sony, Samsung and other electronics companies have launched their own versions.

3. Crystalwash 2.0


It is a solar powered alternative to your usual laundry options. The Cystalwash can clean up to 1000 loads of laundry, with recharges required every 30 days. A Bluetooth enabled connection to your smartphone alerts you when you need to power up by placing it in the sunlight.

4. The Ring

The Ring

Not magic, but as close as you can get. The Ring is a gesture-controlled device that can be programmed to perform many different actions from switching on lights and TV to hailing a taxi.

5. Netatmo Welcome Camera

Netatmo Welcome Camera

Get alerts when your family and friends are on your doorstep! The Netatmo Welcome is a smart security camera with facial-recognition technology. It monitors visitors to your house and sends an alert when a visitor is “unknown” to you.

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6. Aerocide Air Purifier

Aerocide Air Purifier

NASA’s contribution to the smart home, the Aerocide Air Purifier removes harmful toxins in the air through the use of nano technology. Coming from NASA, the device looks more like a futuristic house décor item than a standard air filter.

7. Husqvarna Automower Robotic

Husqvarna Automower Robotic

Your greens can now be maintained with Green Technology. This smart robotic lawn mower can handle up to 0.5 acre of lawn before needing a recharge.

8. Aspect Fireplace

Aspect Fireplace

A piece of art that is easy on the eye while keeping you warm wherever you are. The Eco Smart portable Aspect fireplace is made from stainless steal firebox.

9. Solar-Powered SunTable

Solar-Powered Sun Table

Source: Engadget

This functions as a giant battery cell for outdoor lovers. The table recharges in four hours and is weather resistant making it a great choice for campers. When charged, it can provide power for laptops, cell phones and other gadgets.

10. Winbot Robot Window Cleaner

Winbot Robot Window Cleaner

The winbot has a liquid container which is filled up with cleaning fluid prior to use. After that you just need to stick it to the window and press the power button. This amazingly cool gadget wipes the grime off your windows without any input required from your side.

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