Fuelband Nike Owners get a surprise $25 gift from Nike

Fuelband Nike

For all the Fuelband Nike owners, there is a lovely surprise gift waiting for them. This gift is being given by Apple and Nike. After settling a class action lawsuit, both the parties have decided to give Nike Gift card, worth $25 to all the FuelBand owners. And, if you do not want the gift card, you can also choose to opt for a check of $15 from Nike.

Fuelband Nike

So, how do you qualify for this surprise gift? Well, if you are staying in the United States, and have purchased FuelBand product from Nike during the period of 19th January, 2012 and 17th June, 2015, then you become eligible for the gift. For claiming the gift, you only have to submit an online claim, and you would get the gift voucher.

Why do you think, why this gift card is being given out? Well, as per the plaintiffs, Apple and Nike had made false claims regarding the ability of tracking calories and steps by their fitness tracker. Also, the companies were not able to follow the terms of the fitness tracker’s warranty. Though, the companies do not agree to these claims, they have agreed to give a settlement to all the owners, so that they could avoid the inconvenience, expense, and the time spent on continued litigation.

Image Credit: Peter Parkes


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