What To Look For In A Dedicated Hosting Server Plan

Dedicated Hosting Server

As the name implies, dedicated hosting server is a server that is leased to a single person or organization and not shared with any other clients. So, if you were to subscribe to a dedicated server hosting plan, the server would be committed and devoted entirely to hosting your sites.

Dedicated Hosting Server

So, what is the significance of using dedicated hosting?Dedicated hosting server has numerous advantages over shared hosting plans, especially if you plan to operate an eCommerce site and need a high level of control over the allocated resources.

That being said, here is a summary of the key advantages of dedicated hosting.

  1. The servers are reliable since the server is not shared. This means better performance and quicker server response time.
  2. Full control over the OS and software applications, which is barely the case with shared plans
  3. Dedicated hosting plans have greater bandwidth, and this is especially ideal for resource-intensive and high traffic websites.
  4. Ideally, dedicated servers are more secure, and you can even implement your own security measures.
    What Do You Need To Utilize Dedicated Hosting?


Right off the bat, you can tell that greater control, security and better resources come at a higher price tag. As such, expect to pay more for dedicated server hosting services.

Management Skills

Dedicated hosting plans give you the opportunity to manage your server, and so they call for a high level of control, especially if you run an eCommerce based website. As such, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of managing servers, so that you don’t end up doing harm to your plan. So, if you are a beginner in hosting, I would not recommend going straight for dedicated hosting.

What To Look For In A Dedicated Hosting Server Plan


It is imperative to have adequate Random Access Memory, as chances are your site will be very resource intensive. Do not settle for anything less than2 GB of RAM. The number of users able to visit your site at once can be greatly affected by the amount of RAM you have on your hosting plan. If your RAM isn’t enough, it is bound to crash,  and this can be a huge problem, especially if you have database driven Apps.

The Disk Space

You should go for a plan that offers the space you require for hosting. Well, unless you’ll be serving up data and file archives and video or audio content, the disk space should not be much of a concern as most plans provide more than enough disk space. If you anticipate expansion in the near future, then you should go for flexible hosting plans.

The Processor

Choosing the best processor for your hosting needs is ideally essential. AMD and Intel processors are the current standards in CPU architecture, and so, you should settle for anything less if you want the best speed.

The OS

There’s a variety of OS to choose from, and the ideal one depends on your needs and how well-versed you all with the system. You will come across various free Linux distributions from the open source community while the Windows OS involves a certain cost.

Remember that keeping your needs in mind when you choose a dedicated hosting server plan will guide you to choosing the best.


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