The Useful Guide To Recover Data From Storage Media

Recover Data

The Recover data on our hard drive, solid-state drive, USB stick, RAID, or other storage media is something we cannot lose. Unfortunately, we all have to encounter data loss sometime in our lives. If you are reading this piece, I’m sure you have lost your important stuff and are looking to recover data.

Guide to Recover Data

Fortunately, tech advancements have brought to us many solutions of data retrieval with data recovery software being the most effective. Before we talk about a data recovery program, let’s first discuss the causes of data loss, and methods of data recovery.

Reasons of Data Loss

The most common reasons of data loss include accidental deletion of a file or folder, file system format, logical damage of a file system, loss of information about partition, storage failure and so on. Each of these data loss causes is triggered either by mistake, system failure or power loss. For instance, logical damage of a file system may occur because of power loss or hardware failure. Similarly, file system format is attributed to human error.

Methods and Chances of Data Recovery

This depends how the data was lost in the first place; did you lose it due to deletion, corruption, format or damage?
In case a file is deleted accidentally, there is a good chance to retrieve it if you stop write access to the storage and employ best data recovery software. Please note you can never recover a file if it’s overwritten. Moreover, chances of salvage also depend on the OS file system being used.

Data Recovery Software

If you get corrupt hard drive or corrupt memory card error, do not worry. Memory card recovery is possible by attaching it to another computer. The reason can be a corrupt OS and not the corrupt file system. On the other hand, if you lose data due to corrupt partition table, data can still be repaired through a good data recovery program.

Formatting your hard drive or memory card is a common phenomenon. If you don’t do it, someone else might. Here again the recovery depends on the file system. For instance, if you format your memory card with FAT, the recovery can be difficult as the file system replaces the empty section of the disk with zeros. On the other hand, recovery over NTFS is easier because the file system keeps the file description information.

Best Data Recovery Software

This is where you have to believe in me. I found the EaseUS data recovery software one of the best. Why? It’s easy to use, can retrieve data in most common data recovery situations from diverse storage devices. Do not worry if your files are deleted or formatted, your hard drive is damaged, virus attacked it or partition is lost, you are in safe hands. Additionally, it can salvage data from hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phones, music players and so on. You do not believe me, try their free version now.


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