5 Best Tech Skills to Land You a High Salary Job

Best Tech Skills

People usually choosing IT as their professional career are motivated by the fact that tech jobs offer a handsome salary along with other perks. While this may be true, a lot of individuals fail to understand that in a highly competitive market you need to possess the best tech skills to outshine the competition.

Best Tech Skills

The tech skills evolve with time and to keep up with the current trend, you need to be ready for learning new skills and adapting them. Today, we bring to you 5 best tech skills for 2016, which will help you stand apart in the market and win your dream job.

1. Project Management

IT jobs are not just about programming or development, there has to be a professional project manager to handle all the planning and execution of a particular project. A project manager not only interacts with the employees, but also cooperates with the clients to manage the budget and complete the project within the specified deadline.

According to Computerworld, Project Management was on number two in the best tech skills ranking last year, and this year too, it remains one of the top five skills. 39% of the employers look for candidates with Project Management skills. The median wage of a project manager in the US is around $88,000 per annul.

2. IT Architecture

An IT specialist can be found easily by an employer; however an ‘IT architect’ is the one being sought actively by the companies. The work of an IT architect is to design a solution for the businesses to solve problems utilizing latest IT tools. According to Foote’s report, IT architecture certification boosts the candidate’s resume by 10 percent.

In the present era, the in-demand IT-architects include enterprise architects, cloud architects, network architects, security architects etc. According to Computerworld, 42% of the employers would be looking for IT architects in 2016. Payscale reports that the median salary of an architect is $111,118.

3. Programming and Application Development

No matter how fast the IT industry progresses, the demand for good programmers and software developers won’t diminish. Programming was ranked number one in the best tech skills last year and it continues to be among the top sought after skills in the IT industry.

New design tools launched in 2016 such as Fuse, UXPIN and Ceros along with cool office gadgets have made the work of designers a lot easier. According to Payscale, the average pay for a computer programmer is $20.8/hour and median wage is around $59,037.

4. PaaS

PaaS or “Platform as a Service” was ranked at number 1 for the best tech skills of 2015 by Business Insider. This year too, reports state that with PaaS skills you can land a job with a yearly $140,894 salary. PaaS is a type of cloud based system which allows developers to write, execute and host their apps on the PaaS cloud. Due to the high-demand of cloud computing, many software companies are now looking for employees with expertise in PaaS technologies.

5. Business Intelligence

To convert the raw data into meaningful information is the work of a Business intelligence analyst. Professionals with these skills are expert in studying and analyzing large amount of data and coming up with a strategy to develop new problem-solving techniques. One of the managers at Addison Group, which is an American based human resource consulting group, stated that candidates with Business Intelligence skills are in high demand in the field of insurance, healthcare, retail and financial services.

According to PayScale, the median salary of a BI analyst is $65,785.


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