Top 6 Must Have OS X that are Useful for best Mac Apps Users

Best Mac Apps

Best Mac apps allow you to get the most out of your Mac OS computers. Over the years, different apps that are useful have been developed to enable users to have optimal experiences with their computers.

Best Mac Apps

If you have spent some money to get a new Apple MacBook, you should download some useful Best Mac Apps user to improve your machine. The following is a list of 6 useful apps you can install on your Mac.

1. Fantastica’s Mac Calendar

The Mac calendar is an easy to use calendar app for creating reminders and task management. To create a reminder, you simply click on a date and enter the event. The Mac calendar app is developed by Fantastica and it can be used in conjunction with other apps such as iCal and Entourage. The app can remind you about your meeting ahead of 15 minutes when you input the code “alert15” at the end of the event title. There is an option to enter the time zone for the meeting. Alternatively, you can use float to remind you about your routine regardless of the time zone you are in.

2. Keypad

The newest Best Mac Apps OS allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer screen. Although there is no need for a keypad, having one on your computer will make it more convenient for you to dial the phone numbers. The Best Mac Apps Keypad app has a transparent design and it comes with all the necessary features for making a phone call. You can make phone calls to people that are not in your contact and redial the number you tried to call just now. You can save a contact’s phone number or search the contact by entering their names.

3. VOX Player

VOX player is a media player that works just like the iTunes app. VOX Player is much more efficient compared to iTunes because it runs fast and has a clean minimalistic interface. It supports a variety of codecs such as FLAC, CUE, M3U and ALAC. You can create a custom playlist and export it in many different formats such as PLS and XSPF. VOX Player is able to play files on NAS devices. You can add music into your playlist through the drop zones. It supports keyboard media keys and you can playback the playlist by using the Apple Remote.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine is a great app for people who don’t want screensaver to take over the Mac computer’s screen when they are away. The app works from the menu bar in your computer and will automatically launch at startup. When you want to go away from your screen for a while, you can tap on the coffee icon and the Mac screen will be turned on permanently. If you want to turn off this setting, you just have to tap on the coffee icon again to switch back the normal settings.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

Movavi screen recorder for Mac is a useful app for recording everything that happens on your Mac computer. You can control the screen recording session via the control buttons on the control panel. The control panel won’t be seen in the video that you are recording. The best way to record the screen in full screen is to use the hot keys. For example, you can use hot key to start the recording when you want to record your video gameplay in full screen mode.

A rectangle that represents the capture area will appear on the screen and you can to drag the rectangle to the area that you want the software to record. It has a timer feature that enables automatic recording of the screen without you having to manually press the REC button. In addition, you can use the trimming tool to delete inappropriate parts by simply dragging the red marker to the area where you want to remove.

The mouse cursor highlighting tool will make your mouse cursor more noticeable so that your audience to follow the movement of the mouse cursor. The subtitles tool is a useful tool for displaying subtitles on different segments of the show. You can also use the subtitle tool to add any instruction you have for the viewers. Another convenient feature of the tool is that it can export your video into most of the formats supported by online video sharing sites and mobile phones. Movavi Screen Recorder is ideal for a variety of purposes including online video creation business, recording Powerpoint presentation, and recording gameplay.

6. Pixelmator 3.0 Fix

Pixelmator 3.0 Fix is an image editing app that supports basic features such as color adjustments, custom shapes, blur, stylize, sharpen, halftone, paintbrushes, distortion and brightness. Pixelmator is featured by Apple in the performance demo for the latest version of Macbook Pro. Although the app is not as good as Photoshop, it is great for photographers who has a lot of images to edit and enhance. Other features of the app include drawing, liquify tool, layer styles, and painting. The liquify tool is a tool that you can use for twisting different parts of the image and add details onto them. There is the option to distort the images with special effects such as warp, and pinch.


In conclusion, these apps can make your computer more useful and optimize its performance. Software like Movavi Screen Recorder is a must have if you do a lot of screen recording and video editing.


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