The 10 Best Business Software Tools

Business Software Tools

The right business software tools can make or break your business, whether you’re a startup or a more established company. Great software keeps teams together, runs everything behind the scenes, keeps emails flowing, and stores documents effortlessly.

Best Business Software Tools

Here are ten software tools that are worth checking out.


Mozy is an online service that will let you choose what you want to back up, and when. You can backup everything at once or just a few files at a time. You can schedule the backups to work in real time or overnight. You can get Mozy for just $5 a month, and there are no limits once you pay.


Vyew lets you play host to scattered colleagues so you can talk about a project together in real time. While you conference, you can use a whiteboard to explain important concepts, create a design to look over together, or share your desktop. It is free to use for up to 20 people.

Google Docs

If you aren’t already using Google Docs, you need to get onboard. It’s likely that everyone in your group already has a Gmail account, so it should be easy to collaborate and share files. Plus, the service is free and most people require little onboarding to get started.

FileMaker Pro

Some people will tell you that this one isn’t necessary if you already have Access, which comes with some editions of Microsoft Office. If you aren’t using Access, though, give FileMaker Pro a try. Most users like it better and appreciate the ease of web-publishing that comes with it. This one is expensive at nearly $300, but it features lots of templates and live SQL support.


Your business needs to communicate with customers via email, and Topica is a great way to automate that. This is one of the cheapest options on the market that still does the job and gets past most spam filters. Check out any platform for verified software reviews and you’ll find people recommending Topica.


Communication can be a pain when everyone has their preferred messaging client. Pidgin will let you compile all your users on one platform, whether they use AIM, Google Talk, Bonjour, ICQ, or any other major chat clients.


Syncplicity allows you to remote access and sync multiple computers. You can set up the software to keep track of everything, so you can be sure any file you’re working on at one station is automatically available at any other. You can use this software for free up to 2GB or pay about $10 per month for a 40 GB limit.


This is a free task manager that helps you keep track of everything that’s going on in one convenient place. Build to-do lists, keep track of your schedule, make brainstorming notes, and leave yourself reminders.


Many blogs are run by WordPress, and your business should be up and running with this platform if you’re going to remain relevant (and noticed by search engines) in the digital age. It only takes a few moments to set up WordPress and it’s not hard to use. It comes with plenty of support and the basic options are free.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho is a smaller, less expensive way for businesses to keep up with accounting. While many companies use QuickBooks, Zoho Invoice lets you take care of nearly any small billing or accounting issues. You can create accounts, make invoices, and then print those or email them on to the relevant client.

Having the right business software can make all the difference when it comes to automating important tasks and keeping everything organized.


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