10 Hidden Tricks for Better B2B Lead Generation

B2b Lead Generation Software

The nature of sales and lead generation has significantly changed overtime. The B2B lead generation approach of potential businesses as well as customers towards a venture has evolved significantly with the advent of Internet.

B2B Lead Generation Software

The businesses and customers today have all the information they need. Even the businesses too are willing to deal with you only when you provide them the depth of information. We are providing you with a few tricks that will help you in B2B lead generation.

1.    Use Twitter

Use Twitter creatively. Instead of posting a tweet about your latest blog five times a day, you can start an interesting conversation with the relevant audience.

2.    Use Followerwonk

Twitter has launched a networking tool called Followerwonk that lets you network with users of Twitter with specific interests, according to their popularity. You can immediately contact with the people who influence the industry and thus benefit from them.

3.    Use Hubspot

Again, this is a twitter tool that can help you manage your presence on Twitter. You can use it well to integrate Twitter with your total marketing strategies.

4.    Include a URL

It is an important exercise that most social media marketers forget to do. Just engaging with the B2B prospects is not going to convert the leads. While posting content on one platform, you can also give links to several other platforms that you are active in. For example, if you are chatting in Twitter, you can also give links to your Google+, Facebook or any other platform too.

5.    Engage with unresponsive recipients of emails

Give some offers to the unresponsive set of email recipients. You can also ask for their feedback once they start responding. Ask them about what they were looking for but haven’t found yet on your website.

6.    Keep your website optimized

It’s easy to lose account of the zillion pages of your website when you are hyper active in creating content. But still, you should keep a track of those pages which you have not updated in the last few months. Remove the outdated offers and irrelevant content.

7.    Check the historical analytics

Keep a track of the accomplishments of your business in the past by way of website optimization, URL provisions, Tweets and posts. If there is not considerable progress, you might need to change your approach.

8.    Forms for information

If you have provided for forms that ask for information from the users, make sure that you are not asking for too much information. Ask for such information only, which you genuinely require.

9.    Use an exciting pitch

Your business to business website design should contain an exciting pitch of content. A boring pitch may turn off your visitors and they might never come back once they leave.

10.    Work after the landing page

If the strategy of having a single does not work with the product you are offering, it is better that you work with different options. For example, you might like to direct your potential B2B lead generation to micro-sites that contains the data if he needs a lot of content for closing a deal.


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