Apple iPad Retina Display Gets Twice the Space

Apple iPad

The tablet war has just intensified around the world with more rivals trying to get into the competition. However, Apple has always been in the lead and now Apple has decided to come up with the new Apple iPad Retina display that offers 128 GB of storage space.

Apple iPad Retina Display

Apple believes that storage has become an important part of the entire tablet market and therefore they have decided to upgrade the space. The company said that they will roll out 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular models in the market.

Apple iPad Retina Display

Apple said that they have already sold more than 120 million iPads around the world which means that customers love the new iPad with Retina Display. However, Apple has now provided an opportunity to the customers to add more stuff to their iPad and therefore they have decided to increase the internal space.

With the new 128 GB iPad customers will be able to store twice the content, music, apps, projects, presentations, books, movies and even TV shows to their device. Phillip Schiller Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Apple said that they have provided one more reason to why customers should go for Apple iPad with Retina Display rather than any other tablet device.


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