Apple Brings Ad-blocker Extensions to Safari on iPhones

ad-blocker extensions

With the ad-blocker extensions for Safari on iPhones, Apple ensures that the millions of mobile phone users would be able to work smoothly, without disturbances from ads. Though, this move would please the mobile users, it might create a cause for concern for all those companies that depend on advertising.

 Ad-blocker Extensions

The ad-blocker extensions helps in preventing the ads from appearing on the smart-phones and other devices. Even though, the Android and Apple devices can run the specialised browsers for blocking ads, it is not being used by many people. Apple’s decision of opening up the Safari, will bring this activity to the mainstream.
Apple’s contribution

iOS 9 Operating System of Apple will add the content blocking extensions to Safari. These add-ons would block certain cookies, pop-ups, and images from getting downloaded.
Benefit to the users:

Without the disturbing and distracting ads, the pages would load more quickly, and there would be less strain on the iPhone batteries, and mobile data.

So, get ready for a more relaxed and easier browsing of data on Apple iPhones.


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