Amazon Instant Video 4K Streaming Service Goes Live in the United States


Online video streaming services have been quite popular since Netflix entered the market and Amazon has wasted no time in realizing that they need to expand in this sector to grow and offer something new to their customers. Now, Amazon has come up with their own Instant Video services that allow customers to view TV and movies in 4K. Amazon believes that they have come up with the 4K streaming services at the right time for the festive season ahead.

The service has gone live in the United States from today allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies in 4K. The company has not provided more information on what their future plans are and whether they will expand the 4K streaming services to other regions across the globe. In the United States the choices are limited at the moment, but Amazon is in talks with various partners to bring in original and handful titles from Sony and other media companies.


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