There is no bigger rivalry than Apple versus Android. In fact, the biggest question in technology is: ‘what is better, Apple IOS Vs Android?’ The truth is that it is a hard question to answer that which operating system is better between Apple IOS Vs Android because both have their advantages and flaws. And, that means that either platform can suit a variety of people. So, the question should be: ‘what is better for me as an individual?’ To answer that, take a look at the following pros and cons.

Apple IOS Vs Android

Pro: Accessibility

In the interest of fairness, let’s start off with a positive that both platforms possess. As far as accessibility goes, both Apple and Android are at the top of the game. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing because you can do a variety of things. Do you need to make a call while you are onboard a boat? No problems because both operating systems connect to 3G for superyachts and onboard Wifi. What if you are abroad? Well, all you have to do is turn on your data roaming package, and you are ready to rumble. If there is one small problem, Apple does tend to be exclusive. But, that works in their favor as you will soon see.

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Con: Apple Is Expensive

What Apple and Steve Jobs have created is the most luxurious systems in the history of smartphones. As a result, the demand for any Apple product is off the scale. And, the price reflects that fact. The refurbished products are even in the hundreds of dollars category. The simple truth is that Apple products don’t come cheap. So, if you want one for your own, you will have to pay top whack.

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Con: Android Is Less Secure

For whatever reason, Apple doesn’t suffer from cyber attacks in the same way as Android. Some people say that is down to better coding while others just believe they don’t exist yet. Either way, you have to be more careful with an Android device. And, that is a big deal. The culture today is the culture of the hacker. People won’t think twice about accessing your phone and stealing your data, which can leave you vulnerable. Security is a massive factor when it comes to an operating system as you want to be safe when you are online.

Pro: Apple Is Exclusive

Apple’s exclusiveness is a big plus if you are an Apple user. Apple has apps and features that are only available on Apple devices. Take the recent Apple Music app as an example. It wasn’t possible to download that outside of Apple until months after the initial release. If you wanted to listen to the latest music on your phone, you couldn’t. If you had an iPhone at the time, though, you didn’t have any restrictions. What epitomizes this point is that Android apps are available in the App Store.

Pro: Android Has Fewer Limitations

While being part of the Apple posse is cool, it is leaves you underwhelmed at times. Have you ever tried viewing a video through your online browser for example? If you have, you will know it doesn’t work because Flash player isn’t available. That means sites like YouTube are unavailable for the most part unless you jailbreak your phone. Android is different. Android has a majority of the components you get with your desktop computer. As such, you don’t have to worry about lowering the quality of your browsing experience.


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